Zhu Zhu Pets Craziness- The Dogs Won’t Be Getting Any

A while ago I pondered whether or not the Zhu Zhu Pets would be fun to use to help to try to train the Dogs to leave small animals alone. Well, over the last few weeks the price of them has skyrocketed. I cam across this video today which explains why the Zhu Zhu pets have become a little more expensive (a lot more) than they once were. Take a look.

Crazy! I guess this is why they are so expensive to buy. I think I would rather pay more from the comfort of my own home than have to deal with this kind of madness. The Zhu Zhu really do seem to have hit a real winner with the kids. Or is it the parents that are just convinced that the kids will love them? I am guessing that you must have been nagged an awful lot to go to that kind of trouble to get a little toy.

Would you do this for a small toy for the kids or do you think it is way over the top. From what I have been reading today it has been quite common for this to happen yesterday (black Friday), as this was about the only opportunity anyone is going to get this year to buy a Zhu Zhu hamster for the original retail price. You would have to take a lot of surveys in your spare time to pay for the cost, apart from on this day. Get paid to take surveys may be about the only way parents could easily supplement their income to pay for a Zhu Zhu at the high Christmas prices. I have had to break the sad news to the three pooches that they will certainly not be having one this year. It would be cheaper (a lot) to get them a real hamster to play with although sadly it would not last long. I am of course just joking. I am gonna get a Guinea Pig instead, they are bigger, but slower, but I guess it won’t be here for long either way!

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  1. dogfanatic says:

    wow those shoppers are crazy. But i think this video is the perfect example of why dogs really are worth all that trouble. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MICQZrdM8I,

  2. Stacie Morris says:

    Wow! The zhu zhu must be really popular!!! I think we all know how crazy we can get for our dogs. thank you for posting this video it was great to see i am not the only crazy one about my dog!!!

  3. Animals Away says:

    So much hype over these things. looks like this might the new hot present to buy this year.

  4. Carol Hansen says:

    This reminds me of the Tickle Me Elmo craze, or the Cabbage Patch dolls. Wow, people are so crazy. Every year it’s a new gimmick. We have three dogs too, a Corgi, deaf JRT and ShiPoo and they like my sock puppy toys best. :0) Lots cheaper too. Thanks for the great post.


  5. Schwang says:

    We were looking into this for our pooches too. Our big pittie is kind of like a cat, and we thought it would be endless entertainment to watch him chase after the thing. Unfortunately, it is the It Toy of the season; maybe after the holidays they’ll be able to make some for a reasonable price.

  6. Kate says:

    You’re right Schwang, it is definitely the IT TOY of the season…I might buy “it” for my babies after the holidays lol!

  7. Puli Puppy says:

    Thank you for posting this video. Now I have got a clearer picture what is the trend of toys now. It is crazy how rapidly the trend changes. Keep up the good job!

  8. Wow, the term feeding frenzy comes to mind. I haven’t participated in anything like this since Cabbage Patch for a reason. It really brings out the worst in people. From a business standpoint I enjoy seeing it happen. What does that say about me, LOL. Thanks for your post and your video.

  9. The Cuke says:

    It’s nice to see so many other puppy parents even a fraction as “crazy” as I am. A friend of mine received a Zhu Zhu pet for her birthday from the child of a mutual friend of ours. We work in a high school library, so the kids there often enjoy playing with the various oddities collected at the desk. It dawned on me yesterday that these Zhu Zhu pets would be perfect for my doxie/basset, Chuckie, who just LOVES to chase the laser. We also bought him the Bat and Wobble Penguin baby toy at Christmas time which he has enjoyed … a little too much. He’s in need of repair or replacement at the moment. I’m glad I’m not the only one scouring children’s and babies’ toys for my dog’s entertainment!