Zen And The Art Of Dog Training.

I am of course no expert on the care and training of dogs and puppies but I can offer a few insights into the do’s and dont’s of dog training.

Looking after dogs is no easy thing, especially at first when they have had little or no training. Your new dog, in my case dogs will test you to the limits to see who is top of the pack.

Straight away one technique I do perform to make them know who is boss is somewhat controversial. Whenever one of the dogs misbehaves (which gets less frequent as they grow older) I find this works really well.

Lie the dog down on it’s side and without too much pressure put your hand on the side of it’s neck and pin the side of it’s face to the ground.

All the while looming over the dog until it is calm and stays when you remove your hand in an act of submission.

I know many people are divided on this matter and see it as cruel and mean to the dog. I disagree and for the following reasons.

  1. It works very well
  2. You easily assert your authority
  3. It does not hurt the dog
  4. The dog quickly calms down
  5. The dog quickly learns you are in charge
  6. Your dog knows it has been told off
  7. You stay calm so there is a stress free environment

and most importantly

8. You are merely copying the natural way dogs interact.

Allow me to explain. As our bitch Daisy gave birth to five puppies we were able to watch the whole maternal process up to at least eight weeks of age.

Very regularly the pups would become a bit out of control or would hurt Daisy when suckling. She would immediately grab the puppy by the throat and pin it to the ground for a few seconds before releasing.

The puppy would stay where it was upside down in a total state of submission and looking suitably chastised. The order of the pack was asserted and everyone knew who was in charge.

This needs to be the same in your household. Our dogs are all mongrels, our puppies a mongrel and they have mixed heritage. Who knows what dominant dog gene is in there. By affirming your superiority from an early age you are keeping on top of the pack and acting in accordance with nature.

Stay Calm As Often As You Can When Your Dog Misbehaves

I find this really helps. There is nothing more stressfull than getting stressed.

When your lovely doggie does something that makes you want to scream try to approach it in a calm manner. By all means tell it off, lie it down, make it sit, stare in to it’s eyes and tell it off (works very well), but if you CAN stay calm all the better. You can also try Clickertraining which is highly regarded and is a very tranquil Zen like way of reinforcing positive behaviour in your pets.

I try as hard as I can to not get stressed when things go wrong and the girls don’t listen but hey they are dogs and want to do their own thing often. It’s part of the reason they are such great company.

Well this is just my opinion on a few training techniques and why not try the….umm excuse me……………

FAYE……..FAYE…….FAYEEEEEEEEEE……….put down that shoe you little ######## or i’ll jam it up your  #### and then you’ll be sorry!!!!!!!

Sorry about that, now where was I?