We’re Knackered But We Still Need Our Walk

I really do wonder about the Dogs sometimes.

Me and Mrs.Three Dog Blogger and the three Bone Munchers are very privileged to live where we do. We dropped out of City life over four years ago and now live a completely different existence. When I open the door in the morning this is what I see.

I never get tired off it and love the open space.

The Dogs have a habit of going off in to the woods by the side of the house and running around like loons! They also love to run around the terraces by the Vegetable plot playing chase and seeing if they can destroy a Cabbage or two.

After running around like nutters they will collapse in a heap, or, as Faye like to do, have a little sleep on the bench outside the front of the house. Now, you would think this would be sufficient exercise for the little Cabbage Killers, but oh no!

It doesn’t count!

View From The Front DoorWe didn’t go with them, so it seems, in their opinion, that they haven’t had their morning walk!

They can all be panting away and really in need of a sleep but whatever activity they get up to in the mornings it is all irrelevant to them as far as their daily outings are concerned.

Dogs are creatures of habit and love to have a regular routine. Perform the same activity for a few days at the same time and you can guarantee that they will be up and ready for the fun near enough to the minute.

Now, it’s not like they need any more exercise for the morning if they have been running about like the little Demons that they are, but if they didn’t actually get taken anywhere then the duty must  be performed. I don’t mind as a tired Dog is a good Dog but I really do wonder what goes on in their little brains at times!

So, what quirks does your Dog have?

Do they have routines that they remind you of when the time is due?

Do they ruin your Cabbages too?

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  1. TC says:

    Lucky indeed. That is a stunning vista!

  2. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi TC,
    there are worse thing to see when you open the front dor in the morning!

    I love it.

  3. Friar says:

    What about skunks and porcupines? Do you have to worry about your doggies running into those critters when they take off on their own?

  4. sjloveday says:

    Beautiful running ground for you and the dogs. Yes, my dog is a creature of his own habits and routines…if the water bowl is empty he carries it to the sink and drops it with a banging clang…if he doesn’t know IF he is in trouble…he scratches his ear in soft little brushes until he decides one way or the other.

  5. the three dog blogger says:

    Friar, no Skunks or Porcupines here in Spain. Just giant Mountain Goats and killer Wild Boar. Oh, and Vulures, Scorpions, Vipers etc. etc!

    sjloveday, that’s one clever Doggie you have. He sounds like Faye with his ears, hers seem to have a mind of their own. Iv’e never seen such expressive(and big)ears!

  6. I’m not sure I could trust my mutts off leash and running around in the wild like that. I’d be afraid they wouldn’t come back. Huskies aren’t exactly known for their great sense of direction … two of our huskies have escaped and were lost not too far from home. They had no idea how to get back.

    But they definitely love to go for walks. Unfortunately we don’t have a regular routine. It’s our schedules – hubby has shift work so nothing is set.

  7. That is an AWESOME view from your door.

    And … if by “cabbages” you mean “furniture”, then the answer is yes.

  8. the three dog blogger says:

    Hey Dennis,
    Thankfully ours are over the “eating furniture” stage.

    It’s amazing how quickly they go off it when you put some tabasco sauce or chili powder on anything they take a shine to!

  9. Dog Ramps says:

    WOW! what a view man, lucky to be there.
    I LOVE IT 🙂

  10. Anne Good says:

    What a stunning view you get to experience each day!

    Anne Good’s last blog post..Dogs Love Underwear!