My Puppy Thinks She Is A Cat

At the moment my partner is away so I am in control of the Empire!

Up until very recently Jet the puppy was sleeping outdoors in a kennel as i could not face yet another round of house training and clearing up in the morning. The puppies bed was comfortable inside the kennel.

One night it was cold and Jet was whining outside so i decided to let her sleep in the house. Which she now has done ever since.

At first she was just glad to be inside and settled down to sleep straight away. After a few days she was accustomed to the new regime and was a lot more settled. She has now developed ther habit of sneaking under the bed clothes and curling up next to me so i wake in the morning with a little puppy either cuddled in to me or (I don’t know how she does it) with her head inder my chin!

A Dog Is Not A Cat

I keep trying to tell her this but she somehow doesn’t get it!

She seems to love being under the covers much like cats do and although i don’t really mind i get the feeling I am in a bit of trouble when my beloved returns and tries to take back the place that is rightly hers!

On a positive note she is the first dog we have ever had that has not once made any mess in the house. Bowels of steel!