There Will Be Peace on The Mountainside…..finally

This morning I went to check on the  chicken situation and it seems that finally mother nature with a bit of help from the vast swarms of vultures that come to feed have finally depleted the chicken pile.

Looking After Dogs Just Got A Lot Easier

This is fantastic news as me and the three girls can finally get back to the life we know and love. After weeks I can finally just open the door and let them out to run around, and boy did they.

The weeks of only having two walks a day but no extra daytime activity has definitely left the dogs in a highly charged state. The sure made up for it today.

I set to work on the vegetable plot pulling up the remaining tomatoe plants and general digging and weeding chores while the dogs ran around for hours in a total frenzy of freedom.

I didn’t even have the heart to tell Faye off when she grapped a vine full of lovely tomatoes and made a dash for it. She loves all things that I am involved in but when she started stealing melons a stern word or two was in order!
It was so nice to see them running around the terraces playing and generally burning off the excess energy that dogs used to so much freedom quickly build up.

There is definitely no doubt that the more exercise a dog has then the better behaved it will be. Very often a dog behaving badly is an under exercised dog. I have seen this over the last few weeks as they became much naughtier without their hours of outside playtime every day. It’s days like this when you really know why you got animals in the first place. It was so great seeing them tearing around playing.

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need?

How much exercise dog needs will very much depend on the dog. Some dogs will need vast amounts while others are content with very little, but generally most dogs are going to want at least half an hour of good fast exercise a day. At least.

There is no hard and fast rule though. How much exercise for dogs is really an open question but if your dog is misbehaving or behaving very badly then extra walks (preferably runs) will go a long way to getting your dog to behave better.

All I do know is the more exercise a dog gets the beter behaved and the calmer it is likely to be. I am lucky and have fast, direct access to the countryside but I know it is much more difficult finding somewhere suitable to take dogs in built up areas. I would try however if possible to to take your dogs somewhere where they can be off lead/leash and have a real good run around at least once a week if you possibly can.[tags]dog behave, dog behaving badly, how much exercise does a dog need,how much exercise dog, how much exercise for dogs, looking after dogs[/tags]

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  1. Moshi & Kibo says:

    Hi there! We think you have a great blog and invite you to come pickup your butterfly award!

    Moshi & Kibo’s last blog post..A Butterfly and Some Love Has Been Sent Our Way

  2. Cynthia says:

    He he… nothing is as fun to chew as shoes! They smell like us hoomans, nice and stinky.

    I’m lucky, Angel, our oldest girl who likes to grab shoes the most, never chews them up. Tatum, on the other hand, will shred them. But if we leave it out… as my husband says “Toys is Toys”… it’s our own fault! 😉

    Cynthia’s last blog post..Muffit at Flyball

  3. the three dog blogger says:

    You are so right Cynthia. They love shoes above all else. I guess the stinkier the toy the better it is in their eyes!