My Dogs Clean Teeth

Any regular readers of the site know I place the health of my Dogs teeth pretty high on the list when it comes to looking after Dogs.

After spending a fortune on a previous Dog because we never gave his mouth a thought I am now ensuring it doesn’t happen again. I now write about it on occasion and given the chance will write about in guest posts like I did for Lindsays great blog. Read the post about cleaning Dogs Teeth and the many benefits of Bones for Dogs if you missed it before.

By the time our previous Dog, Sam, was two, he already had the beginnings of very  bad Dog breath. His teeth had started to have discolouration and not too long after that he really had very bad breath indeed. I was totally at fault, to be honest I never even thought about how I could clean his teeth. I just assumed that bad breath and dirty teeth was the way it was when you had a Dog.

What I would like to do is collect photos from anyone that would be kind enough to send them in. Take a photo of your Dogs teeth and send it to me. Let me know their age and whether or not you are involved in cleaning Dogs Teeth. This means either with a Toothbrush and Dog Toothpaste, by feeding Raw Bones or maybe by giving Nylabone Bones.

It will be interesting to see what the results are. Don’t feel bad if your Dog has dirty teeth, this is really what it is about. It will be interesting to see the difference in colour etc. I know that at only a few years old and Jet at only about nine months, the Dogs are still fairly young to have very dirty Teeth but I know from experience that two years old is old enough to have the beginnings of discolouration on their Teeth.

Here are a few pics of the Dogs and their Shiny Snappers.

Taking photos of Dogs Teeth is not the easiest but give it a go. Whether they are super clean or a bit worse for wear give it a go. Send them to me and in a week or so I will post some of them and we can see if feeding Raw Bones or brushing Dogs teeth makes a real visual difference.

I know for certain it helps cure bad Dog breath and saves on Vet bills.Teeth cleaning for Dogs is so important. If nothing else, by just taking a photo you will have got a great look at your Dogs Teeth and know whether or not you need to pay more attention to their Oral Hygiene.

Please send your photos to, they don’t need to be over 400 pixels wide so try not to send anything too large if possible.Tell me your Dogs age and if you do anything to keep their Teeth clean. The results may be very interesting.

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  1. Trixie’s teeth have always been very clean on any sort of food, but Tucker’s have always been dirty. My wife thinks the raw food regimen (including the raw bones) has been very helpful in breaking up the tartar on the dogs’ teeth. We’ll see how Dennis’s teeth far as he is starting on the raw food diet much younger than the other two.

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..The Maltese Crow — Part Four

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Dennis, glad the Raw feeding is helping. Is it purely Raw feeding?

  3. megscole64 says:

    I really need to work on our dogs teeth issues. Quinn has teeth falling out but she had a dead tooth when we got her. So I think hers is partly due to age…she just had her teeth cleaned professionally at the vet less than a year ago.

    Our dogs get lots of bones but of course that doesn’t do it all. We definitely need to work harder at keeping our pup’s teeth cleaner.

  4. Mercola says:

    That’s a nice project you got going there. For our beagle we brush her teeth and give her fiber treats. We’re covering all our bases now since her last vet visit cost us an arm and a leg.

    Mercola’s last blog post..Chocolates vs Muscadine Grapes – Dr. Mercola Lets You Decide

  5. Actually our dogs LOVE us brushing there teeth. Maybe it is because we use some kind of chicken flavored toothpaste. Sounds awful, but it works. Our JRT loves chewing in his plastic bone and that helps with tarter build up.

    Black Labradors’s last blog post..How to teach your Labrador Retriever to roll over

  6. Sue Ferber says:

    The young dog I show who will be 2 in August – I am having a problem keeping his teeth clean although they are cleaned everyday with logic and his has hard chews (will not give bones incase he breaks a teeth) but as hard as I try they still look not good! his grandsire who is coming up six has spotless teeth and I never clean them – so why? his two half brothers are not as good as the grandsire but much better than his… any help to what I could do – I hate dirty looking teeth…..Sue

  7. Lisa gonzalez says:

    I took my border terrier to the vet today to get his teeth cleaned. He is 3 yrs old and his breath was horrible. After, when he came home he seemed very sick. He’s normally very upbeat but today he is shaking and stiff and obviously in pain. I feel so bad for him. I don’t know if it was the anesthesia or sore teeth but poor guy feels terrible. I’m going to have to do something different. My Airedale is 7 and has always had beautiful pearly whites with no effort on my part.
    Poor Howard.