Midnight Reflections

After starting to, and failing to finish watching a John Travelodge (that’s right isn’t it?) film about fighting fires and being macho I decided my time would be better spent having a peaceful read in bed with a substantial glasss of wine and just chill out.

Ahhh… Moments like this. Relaxing and  being comfortable and warm.

The big girls were downstairs and Jet the puppy was snuggled on the bed. Well, for a few minutes, until she  remembered that there was still a “looky likey” in the mirror in the dressing room.

My peace was somewhat shattered as this time she made a real concerted effort to banish this intruder once and for all. No matter what I did to stop the puppy barking she would not be quiet so for half an hour I just tried my best to get in the zone. Quite unsuccessfully I might add.

Finally little Jet came trotting back to the bedroom wiggling her naughty tail, jumped on the bed, dived under the covers and started snoring.

Man it must be good to be a dog!

I lay there wondering what had just happened in the twenty or so pages I had just read and decided I may as well just start reading it all again another day.

Sometimes looking after dogs can be, well, annoying!

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  1. Tricia says:

    “Sometimes looking after dogs can be, well, annoying!”

    Oh man I hear ya! Midnight, my lab, is just about 15 months old now and over the last two weeks she’s become a true pest. She’ll stand and stare at me as I work on the computer and let out little whines. She does this all day. I stop what I’m doing, give her some attention and try to find out if she needs to go outside (she’s trained to ring a bell hanging from the front door knob if she needs to go out) … but she still just keeps staring at me and whining. My husband has experienced this over the weekend too and he wonders how I deal with her all week when she’s like this. I just can’t get anything done! She was in heat in August and I’m wondering if these new behaviors are a result of her hormones finally starting to go back to normal. whatever it is I hope she stops soon!

    As for the mirror .. We don’t have many Mirrors or reflective surfaces in the house that Midnight can access, but when she was a young pup she did discover the mirror. Rather than bark and try to make the intruder go away she seemed to try to play with it. Now when she see’s herself she seems to understand that it’s a reflection. Maybe your puppy would like to play with the puppy in the oven too? LOL

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  2. the three dog blogger says:

    I know where you are coming from Tricia.
    If you have read about the chicken saga then you know all the dogs are spending much more time inside at the moment.
    Faye especially dissaproves and like Midnight she spends most of the day whining at me and generally stopping me from doing anything productive.
    God knows what would happen if she had a bell as well! I think she has a way to go before that is an option.