Just How Fast Can One Dog Eat?

Jet who is still just a puppy can be very endearing and has a very gentle nature just like her Mum Daisy. She is very good at doing as she is told and always sits like the other girls when it is time to eat.

We have trained the them all to sit while we place their food on the floor and then they are told to take their food by name and they do so. It is one very important thing i learned from our previous dog.

Never just put the food on the floor without the dog being calm and under control.

This way lies chaos!

Anyway i digress this post was about how fast Jet eats. The feeding process goes like this.

  • Myself or my partner fills bowls with food and adds water while dogs watch
  • One of us takes food outside
  • Dogs are told to sit and do so
  • Dogs are told “Daisy/Faye/Jet take“. In whichever order it happens to be
  • They start eating their food

Now this process is nice and calm and orderly and all are well behaved. We do this to keep them from being excited and jumping up etc.

The problem is that unlike the others Jet refuses to chew her food. She is a gulper. She just wolfs it down in a frenzy.

So stopwatch time.

Jet goes last in the food placement. She is sitting calmly. Food goes down.

Start timing.

Jet is up and at it. Tail wiggling like a loon as she devours her food, gulping it down in huge mouthfulls.


……………….9.6 seconds!

The other two are stil quietly munching away as Jet comes in for the kill….A growl from the big girls and it is all over. Jet sits sulking as if she has been hard done by.

They are all being given the same amount of food as puppies need a lot to keep them growing but boy less than ten seconds for a big beaker of dog food.

Can anyone beat that?

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