Jet The Wonder Dog’s First TV Show

No, she isn’t on TV but she watched her first show.

The other night after working online and then getting my brain totally frazzled by Twitter I decided to chill out and watch some rather aimless TV.

Before I tell my oh so wonderful story – an aside.

I joined Twitter a while ago and have kind of ignored it for the most part. I decided it was time to go back and investigate. Seeing peoples “tweets” just frazzled my little brain. What IS it all about? Is it useful or just for fun. Does it help your networking for your blog or is it just one of those addictive things that can act like a total “TIME THIEF” when you could have spent your time updating your blog or giving your loved one a big kiss? Please tell me as I don’t know whether to continue or not. I will give it another try as I am intrigued and the nosey side of me likes prying in to others business!

Well obviously now i need to plug my account……….on second thoughts I don’t think I will. If I can get my head around it maybe I will in the future.


Back to my fab story.

So my brain is all frazzled and I need some mind numbing TV to sort it out. We (me and the three girls) all go to watch some TV. I settle upon Dog Borstal which is a show where dogs and their owners go to camp for a few days in a prison type setting so that their (and the dogs) behaviour can be modified and hopefully everyone comes out all perfect and suitably trained (not).

The show is kind of silly with some good training tips thrown in. It’s dog television at its finest! Cesar Milan it is not. For anyone who has asked “can dogs see tv?” Yes they can. Why couldn’t they?

The two older dogs as usual took no notice of the TV and never really have but Jet as soon as she saw (note: not heard) a very fat Pitbull, was totally intent. Her little face was a picture of concentration as, for the next fifteen minutes she sat glued to the TV. Her little head was turning from side to side and her ears seemed to have a mind of their own.

Up, down, sideways, around, back to front. They were all over the place. She didn’t growl or anything, she just sat transfixed. It was very odd to watch, but good as it took my attention off the dubious show.

What did she learn?

Hopefully she learnt that  to be a fat Pitbull with an owner that lets you get away with eating chips (fries) and chocolate is a bad thing and that coming when you are called is a good thing.

I don’t think it will be a regular event though as normally my brain is not that mushy!

Do your dogs watch TV? Do they have a favourite show or are they banned until after their homework!

Umm….. actually I think I may have built up this story a little too much in the intro. Sorry.

One thing I have learnt though is little cute black puppies love daft TV.

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  1. Tricia says:

    Midnight seems to watch a little bit of TV almost every day. If there’s an animal (dog, cat, elephant or whatever!) it usually catches her eye and she’ll stop whatever she’s doing and look at the tv for a moment. When she’s really intrigued she’ll walk or run up to the screen and have a closer look (we have a large tv). She doesn’t do this too often, but when she was younger she’d sometimes get so excited that she’d look around the sides of the tv to see if the animal was coming out the other side when it would leave the screen. Now that was cute!

    We occasionally watch cartoons like Family Guy or the Simpsons and she seems to like those shows. She also stops to watch shows where people are all excited, talking quickly or loudly every once in a while too. Oh and if a child is crying, yelling or laughing on tv that will catch her attention as well.

    When she was a pup we’d sometimes put on Animal Planet or dog shows for her, maybe that’s why she pays attention to the TV now.

    I have a twitter account but I don’t get on and chat much. It can be a very effective tool if you use it to point people towards new blog posts and if you interact with others as they’ll often visit your blog to learn more about you … but yeah, overall I can see it being a big time waster. When I used to watch my twitter account (I use a firefox addon called twitterfox but leave it turned off most of the time these days) I’d see some people twittering away sometimes up to 18 hours a day! I can’t afford to waste that much time!

    I use to automatically announce my new blog posts (from all my blogs) on twitter. So while I don’t actually get on twitter daily to write something, there is usually a few twits from me each day thanks to twitterfeed. I do get some visits to my new posts each day directly from twitter so it works. If you do start using twitter and build up a following you might consider using something like twitterfeed to announce your new blog posts for you. It’s helpful!

    Tricia’s last blog post..Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

  2. the three dog blogger says:

    Thanks for the very comprehensive reply Tricia.

    I did use Twitterfeed to send my latest blog posts to Twitter and got a little bit of traffic. I just don’t know if it is worth the time to actually post or read peoples Tweets. Maybe I will open an account just for this blog and see how I go.

    You are right about some people being on there constantly. How do they find the time? And why do it. I think it is something you definitely need to be very careful with.

    Midnight seems to really enjoy the TV. It’s strange some dogs love it and others just totally ignore it.