If Dogs Could Talk…………..

“Hey, Daisy and Faye where did you go with the Big, Shouty Man? I have been in all morning on my own, I was sad. Whimper.”

“Me and Daisy went to town in the Big Car. It was great”

“Yeah. We got to bark at Motorbikes and Tractors and we even saw a Shepherd with LOADS of Sheep. I nearly burst the Mans eardrums I barked so loudly!”

“Tsk. No fair. I wanted to do that. How come I had to stay home on my lonesome?”

Daisy and Faye look at each other and smirk.

“Well Jet, um, you see, we are big girls now and when we are going in the Car, we just jump in and you, well, um……”

“What? I what?”

“What Daisy is trying to say Jet is that when we are told to get in the Car we don’t try to hide behind a tree!”

“Oy, i’m not hiding, the Man likes it. It’s our little game”


“Yeah. So there.”

“So how come whenever he picks you up to put you in the Car you do a little pee all over his Jeans?”

“Jet? JET?”

“Well. I just figure I better go before we leave. I is only ickle and I don’t know how long I will be in the Car for!”

“Yeah, right!”

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  1. hehehehe very clever!!! 🙂

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..Borrowing to Invest vs Saving to Invest

  2. hello threedogblogger its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is a gud story but wot do yoo meen by “if” dogs cud tawk??? ha ha ok bye

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..mister oblivius

  3. Sootie says:

    Oh cute!! Poor Jet! And your poor jeans!!! 😉

  4. jan says:

    Wait! You mean dogs CAN”T talk?

    jan’s last blog post..Woman sues for $10M for being denied subway rides with dog