Gifts for Dog Lovers and Dog Waste Disposal Ideas Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Kits And More

Hi, Mrs Three Dog Blogger here with some Gifts for Dog Lovers and Dog Waste Disposal ideas.  Sounds like an odd combination?  You’d be surprised what’s out there…  And, let’s face it our furry friends do create an awful lot of dog poop, all of which needs disposing of somewhere.

The Worm Farm Dog Waste Composter

As we live a rural, self sufficientish life, we are big fans of Garden Composting.  In fact we compost just about everything.  But what about Composting Dog Waste?  I’ve been doing a little research into the world of compost bins and came across a good idea for Dog Waste Disposal which I thought I’d share.

Normally composting pet poo is not advised.  But, so long as you keep pet waste and your ordinary garden compost separate  I have found some perfectly safe products for composting pet poo.  The Pet Poo Compost Converter is a worm farm only to be used to compost dog waste.

Worms don’t mind living off dog poo!  I was shocked initially and then realised  it’s pretty obvious really.  I know when I’ve been ‘tidying’ the yard after the girls do their ‘business’ I have found ants and worms happily feasting on said mess.  Not very nice, but perfectly natural.  In fact, commercial worm breeders feed their worms exclusively on manure too.

You can now buy the worm farm Dog Waste Composter for around $100.  The concept is pretty basic, two trays stacked vertically.  The top tray is where you put your new worms and where you add all that dog poop.  The worms happily eat their way through the lot, destroying harmful pathogens and leaving beneficial bacteria in their wake.

Liquid ‘compost tea’ drains down to the bottom tray.  This can be used (diluted) as an incredibly rich plant and lawn food.  The worm ‘castings’ (basically worm poo) left behind contains all the nutrients your garden needs, but in a safe to handle form.  So if you want to reduce your dog’s Carbon Footprint why not start composting dog poo with a Dog Poo Worm Farm?

Don’t worry if you’re not looking to go quite that ‘green’ with your Dog Waste Disposal though…

Cool Pet Waste Bags

Definitely a prettier answer to Dog Waste Disposal are these Cool Pet Waste Bags. I’m sorry but they really brought out my girly side.  I mean, come on cute  or what – you won’t get product reviews like that from Mr Three Dog Blogger now will you?  Definitely more of a Gift Idea for Dog Lovers.

While the Dog Poo Composter might be the ideal Christmas Gift for the practical and environmentally aware dog lover, this one is for those who are happier to tidy their pet’s mess but don’t want to keep it for home recycling.

These Cute Clean Up Dog Poo Poop Bag almost make me wish we still had to do the pooper scooper thing.  But there isn’t much point in me wandering the mountain looking that glamorous!  But, for you townies, why not wander the parks looking stylish rather than holding a bag of poo wondering why the bins are never anywhere near where your pooch decides to ‘use the facilities’?

Check the dimensions though.  If you have large dogs, this is only going to hold the empty Pet Waste Bags!

The DC25 Animal Vacuum

Maybe not perfect as a gift but it sure does a fantastic job of clearing up the Dog fur. If you are a Dog owner who despairs of all hair (and who doesn’t?) then the dc25 animal vacuum is about the best you can get. Read some dc25 animal vacuum reviews if you don’t believe me. Many vacuum cleaners are simply not up to the job so take a look at next time you need a new vacuum cleaner you will find that you cannot do better than the dc25.

Vacuum cleaners come and go but this model has stayed the course as it is about the best for dealing with all kinds of pet fur.

Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Kits

The Doggie Dooley Pet Waste  Disposal System sounds a lot more complicated than it is.  Think of it as a miniature pet waste septic system.

You simply bury the galvanised Doggie Dooley tank in the garden, with the lid a little above ground level.  Then add your pet poop and let nature get on with your pet waste disposal.  The lid has a foot peddle so you don’t need to get too close and personal which is good.  Every so often you add a little water and a sprinkle of ‘digester’ which is just a mixture of helpful bacteria and enzymes which like to eat poop.

The end result is your pet’s poop is reduced to a safe liquid which simply leaches into the soil.  The only disadvantage of this system is that it relies on the surrounding soil being free draining, so it is not suitable for heavy clay or dense sand.

It’s not too much work to install either, being only just over a foot in diameter and around 15″ tall, so its not like you need to excavate much of the garden to install the Doggie Dooley pet poo septic system.

The Doggie Dooley Dog Waste Disposal system is not the most Environmentally friendly.  That honour would have to go to the Worm Farm Dog Waste Converter.  After all, composting is the ultimate form of recycling.  But, the Doggie Dooley wins on price at around $40, and for many people is a far more convenient method of dealing with Pet Poop.

Dog Waste Disposal Gift Ideas?

Now, finally a disclaimer.  Men, do not buy your wife any of these Dog Waste Disposal ideas as a Christmas Gift without speaking to her first.   Not even the Doggie Dooley with the  Daft Name and definitely not the Dog Waste Composter.   Chances are she will feel it is a tad ‘practical’ and far from romantic.  But, speak to her first and if she’s a keen gardener as well as a Dog Lover they might be perfect, or maybe she’ll buy you one!  But, as for the bag, even I’d be happy with a Cool Pet Waste Bag if I still pooper scooped!

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  1. John says:

    Cool article, would really help down our local park (!)

  2. What a cool clean way to deal with dog waste. We have a 125 pound lab that is large for her breed so I deal with this issue daily. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Mia, Yes it is extraordinary just how much our three girls create. I feel like a dog waste disposal expert at times – yuk!

  4. Jan says:

    If we were still in the UK I’d have one of those composters in the garden, they’re a good idea. As it is, I dig a trench on an unused terrace and bury it by the week!

  5. These are great ideas for waste disposal. I’ve been trying to find some solutions for sometime but couldn’t decide what to get. I think I know what to get for my dog now. Thanks and you’re site is wonderful.

  6. Lindsay says:

    I’m jealous of your self-sufficient lifestyle. Hope to reach that point soon! Those gift ideas are really funny! Ha! I like the worm one the best.

  7. Michael says:

    Have you tried flushable dog poop bags before? It’s so easy to use and no more stinky garbage.

  8. Thank you for the valuable information. I have two Australian Shepherds myself and know that waste disposal can be a problem for some.