Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones? Dogs Love Raw Meat

Before we had our present dogs we had a fantastic male dog. We always fed him only dried food and he was always great company. He was energetic and full of life until very old age when he finally slowed down.

We did however always have a few recurring problems with him.

  • He quite often had very bad breath
  • He had lots of teeth extracted at much expense
  • At least twice a year he had to have his anal glands emptied by the Vet

Not very nice i know but this is how it was. We were given some advice by the Vet and this was give him as much fibre as possible to stop the anal gland problem. Didn’t work.

So he was expensive to maintain. Teeth extraction and Vet visits are not cheap.

Now years later we have three new dogs and things are a little different. After having borrowed a book from friends I look at things in a different light. The book Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health (P)has really opened my eyes to a lot of things I never used to think about when I thought about feeding time.

  • Dogs are natural scavengers
  • Wild dogs thrive on raw meat, bones and rotting, fallen fruit, nuts etc
  • Dogs do NOT always need regular meal times
  • Naturally dogs do not get mushed up meat or dried food from a sack

Now I know you will be the same as me and be saying yes but our dogs are not wild etc and their nature is different now. Well if you have read my post on raw chicken you will see that given half a chance they will immediately revert back to a wild, scavenging state. Raw Meat for dogs should not be a worry. Dogs and bones come hand in hand.

Anyway the main points I gleaned from the book are many. We have put the information into practise in a limited sense as I am no zealot. Things need to be practical for your budget and way of life. There are however some very important factors to be realised from at least giving your dog a Raw Meaty Bone(P)
on occasion.

Advantages Of Feeding Your Dog On Raw Meaty Bones

  • Raw dog bones will clean your dogs teeth
  • Raw meaty bones will stop your dog having bad breath
  • Raw meaty bones will keep your dog happy and quiet for hours (yay!)
  • Raw bones will stop your dog having anal sac problems
  • Raw bones are a natural food for your dog

I really do suggest you check out the book and see for yourself what you think. It was certainly an eye opener for me and I wish I had implemented some of the suggestions years ago.

Why not go out and find a cheap supplier of raw dog bones and improve their health as well as giving you a good few hours of peace!

Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health (P)

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May the Doggie Force be with you all.

7 Responses to “Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones? Dogs Love Raw Meat”

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  1. Shobin Chawla says:

    I used to feed my dog raw meaty bones but as they get older their capacity to digest bones diminishes as well as their teeth are not strong enough to chew the bones.

  2. yvonne says:

    I have a miniature schnauzer. Is it advisable to feed small toy breed with raw meaty bone?

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    yvonne, they seem to be fine with them. They will only chew off pieces they can deal with. But if in doubt ask the Vet for your own piece of mind.