Chicken Dog Treats

As I wind my way around the “tinternet” looking at all things Dog related I am amazed just how many different recipes there are for homemade Dog Treats. There are recipes for Organic Dog Treats, Diabetic Dog Treats and even Holistic Hypoallergenic Organic Dog Treats (I’m not kidding)!

I’m not going to just post a recipe for how to make a homemade Dog Treat. You can do a Google search and you will have enough recipes to keep you busy in the Kitchen for a lifetime and your Dog very fat indeed.

Any regulars to the site know I am a firm believer in Raw Meaty Bones. Not only are they fantastic for cleaning Dogs teeth they also keep them busy and quiet for hours!

What I want to talk about is a fantastic treat for the Dogs. Raw Chicken.

There are lots of recipes involving Chicken but most of them are for cooked Chicken made in to some form of treat. Dogs do love Chicken and I see no need to disguise the Chicken in a treat when Raw Chicken for Dogs is a super treat in itself.

Many Dog owners believe Raw Meat can be dangerous for Dogs. As far as I know the only meat than can be really dangerous for Dogs in the raw is Pork and Pork Bones. This is rendered safe by freezing for about three weeks. If you have read my post about Raw Chicken for Dogs, where I had a nightmare with them feasting on very rotten Chickens that were illegally dumped, you will realise just how tough most Dogs insides are. They simply are not affected by bacteria in the same way as humans.

Raw Chicken for Dogs is not dangerous. Many are very concerned about feeding raw meat to their Dogs and unless your Dog has health issues there is little need for concern. Dog Bone treats come in many forms but Raw Chicken for Dogs is one of the Treats they love the best.

Raw Chicken For Dogs – What Can They Eat?

Basically, all of it.

Now, I am not expecting you to feed the Dogs a whole, intact Chicken. Most people do not have access to whole birds, innards and all, but trust me when I tell you they can and will eat the whole thing with no detrimental effect (unfortunately I know this for a fact)!

When we buy a gutted Chicken there is basically none of it that the Dogs cannot eat. Chicken Dog treats don’t come much tastier than this. If possible you should get, or ask the Butcher, for the neck as well. Chicken necks are great for the Dogs to munch on. It helps keep their teeth clean and is a super Chicken Treat for the Dogs.

If you decide to feed your Dogs Raw Chicken as a Treat there is basically no part of it they cannot eat with one exception which I will discuss shortly. Do not be concerned about the majority of the bones etc. When Chicken Bones are raw they are very soft and the Dogs will happily munch through the lot!

Many Dog owners seem to forget that Dogs are naturally raw meat eaters and scavengers. No wild Dog or Wolf has ever cooked its Chicken first. They are built for raw food. The reality is that Dogs love all things Meat. It is their natural way.

Feeding Dogs Raw Chicken

Unless you are quite wealthy or feeling very generous indeed you will not just be throwing a whole Chicken at the Dog and letting it get on with it.

The Dog would happily devour it but it is an expensive one off treat.

Cut the Raw Chicken in to however many pieces you wish. Chicken Wings are a great Treat for the Dogs. The larger pieces can be given as special treats or as replacement meals.

Don’t worry about the Bones. They are soft and easily digested. If you are concerned talk to your Vet first to hopefully have your mind put at ease.

The Dangers Of Raw Chicken For Dogs

For the most part Raw Chicken for Dogs is entirely safe. If you did nothing to the Chicken but throw it to the Dog, in most cases there will be no problems.

There is, however, a precaution we should all take. In the fleshy part of the thigh bones there is a very sharp, needle-like bone that could be a danger. There have been cases of Dogs getting punctured because it is so sharp.

It is a simple matter of removing this bone. They Dogs can then happily munch away on the thigh as a great treat.

I do hope some of you will consider Chicken as a great treat for your Dog. I know many people are afraid to feed raw food to their Dogs but they really do love it. Start them off slowly if you have never done it before to get them accustomed to something new.

Talk to your Vet about your concerns if you have any. They are there to help.

Above all though, NEVER feed cooked bones to Dogs. They become very brittle and can cause a lot of damage to the toughest of Dogs.

So, save yourself some time in the Kitchen making homemade Dog treats and go buy a Chicken!

Your Dog will thank you for it I am Sure.

If it really doesn’t appeal then download 245 Homemade Recipes and at least you will know exactly what is in your Dogs Treats.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Unfortunately my dog is allergic to so many things chicken treats are a nono 🙁

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..I GUARANTEE You’ve Never Seen THIS before!! LOL

  2. Friar says:

    …”Holistic Hypoallergenic Organic Dog Treats”

    What a joke!

    THIS, for a critter that likes to eat dead animals they find an/or roll around in them! 🙂

    SOMEONE is making money, though!

  3. st1100pilot says:

    I’m a proponent of raw meat for dogs too, but a word of caution. Last summer when I had only owned Chloe for a short time I gave her a bunch of raw chicken meat from our cookout. She was thrilled to have it, but the next day I discovered that she got a case of the runs from all the raw meat.

    She probably spent 2 days on the line outside all day because she had to go so often. For a dog not used to raw meat, I think they should be eased into it because their digestive system may not be up to task yet.

  4. the three dog blogger says:

    Friar, the older the better as far asmine are concerned. Unfortunately 🙂

    st1100pilot, very good point. If the Dogs aren’t used to it then introduce them to raw meat and bones slowly. It can give them the runs if it is new for them. Thanks for reminding everyone.

  5. dog grooming says:

    Wow, raw chicken for dogs, I would never have thought of feeding my pooch raw chicken, but think I may well give it a go.

    Will ease the old girl into it though, because she has never been fed this before.

  6. Jennifer says:

    If I may suggest a precaution–while raw chicken meat may be okay for dogs, it is not okay for humans. For this reason, raw meat is not really good to use as a treat when you are training. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken!

    When I’m training Star, who has low food drive, I use cooked meat. It’s safer to handle for long periods of time without hand washing. And if I really need to get her attention, I’ll eat bit of it myself. Mmm mmm! Irresistible! 🙂

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Roomers

  7. Friar says:

    I really didn’t know that about raw chicken. Normally, we’d never let the dog have chicken bones (for fear of splintering and the dog choking on them).

    Raw chicken makes sense, though. I guess the wolves and coyotes NEVER do cook the birds they eat! 🙂

    Friar’s last blog post..Blogging Commenter Stereotypes

  8. the three dog blogger says:

    Dog Grooming, god idea. Take it slowly if it is new to the Dog.

    Jennifer, absolutely. You must always wash your hands after handling Raw Meat. Dogs can handle it but there is a lot of stuff on it we don’t want in our mouths.

    So, you nick your poor little Doggies treats do you? 🙂

    Friar, a few Chicken Wings are a great treat for them. Lots of people give them for meals.

  9. Janice says:

    I get the 10 pd bags of chicken legs/thighs and cook it up. I cut up the chicken and save the juice. I buy dry dog food from the feed and seed store. I then dip up some dry food add some chopped up cooked chicken and then pour some warm chicken juice over it. They love it and its a lot cheaper and better for the dogs than caned dog food.

  10. Three Dog Blogger says:


    Sounds like they get chicken Dog treats every day. Lucky them. Buying in bulk is the way to go as well.

  11. Chuck larson says:

    I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  12. Thomas C. says:

    A Canadian study has warned that BARF diet has the potential to be environmentally hazard with salmonella in the the dogs’ poop. In addition, the food bowl, the feeding area, and the pet’s mouth must be considered as potential sources of Salmonella.

    Very bad idea!

  13. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Oh please. C’mon. It’s not like anyone is going to go rub their face in it! Firstly why would you put the raw chicken in a bowl and then not wash it afterwards if you were concerned.

    As to the Dog poo, it is hazardous anyway. Anyone who touched it and then touched their mouth would be ill. The fact that it contained remnants of raw chicken would make little difference. Dogs eating raw meat is entirely natural and will keep them much healthier. The fact that most Dogs do not get raw meat is simply continuing to keep overpriced vets in practice.

  14. Jacki says:

    What a ridiculous study! I am amazed at the rubbish people are paid huge amounts of “research dollars” to come up with. And just who funded the research I wonder!

    Seriously, ANY any animal droppings are hazardous. The fact that it might have been dropped by a domestic dog eating a healthy raw diet is neither here nor there. In fact, from long experience I can tell you that when a BARF dog poops it becomes white and dry and breaks down into the earth in a much MUCH shorter space of time than the hideous black smelly poop of dogs fed commercial food. Plus, most of the stools produced by badly fed (ie commercial stuff) dogs is full of toxins that they are trying to eliminate from their poor under-nourished bodies. I suggest people just refrain from playing with or eating poo. 🙂

    As for bowls etc… do you seriously think there’s nothing dangerous left in the bowls of dogs who eat junk commercial food??? Just use your common sense and clean up after you feed them – no matter what you feed them.

  15. Three Dog Blogger says:


    There does seem to be a total lack of common sense in some people. Thanks for the great comment.

  16. bonnie says:

    I have a Giant Schnauzer and a Standard Poodle. My Giant had horrible skin problems. I started feeding both raw chicken for over 6 years now. Good-bye skin problems. My giant is almost 9 yrs old, beautiful shiny coat he reminds me when it is time for dinner! My Standard “stalks” the chicken quarter as if he has hunted it, and then circles it then devours it. Both are also on Nutrish by Rachael Ray dry dog food. They hardly eat it though because they are so satisfied from the raw chicken. Try it. Start slowly thou and you will be amazed at the difference in the dogs coat and skin condition.

  17. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Bonnie, you are right, the condition of our Dog’s coats is amazing. Not to mention the fact that they never have bead breath and their teeth are super white and clean too.

  18. Ria says:

    Whenever I feed my dog chicken, raw or cooked, I always make it a point to remove the bone. It can kill her!

  19. Angela Lynn says:

    I’m afraid to give my small breed dog raw foods. I don’t know if raw foods are okay with large breed but I guess yes since I’ve read lots of comments from different forums. However, I don’t think raw ones would be good for shih tzu, poodle and other home types of pet dogs.

  20. Sam says:

    I have 4 month old pitbull and a 5 month old pitbull lab mix. They’re both on solid gold wolf cub, I would like to give them a little bit of raw chicken like once a week or so. My question is are they too young to start this, would i put it on top of the regular food, and I see here and on other forums chicken thighs, leg, backs, etc, we have a lot of frozen chicken breast, its boneless and skinless, is this ok? We want to try and just use them as a treat not really a meal.

  21. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Sam, that is absolutely fine. Dogs are born to eat meat, and raw, so there is nothing to worry about.

  22. Jim Welch says:

    So just to add the experience my vet has with raw chicken for dogs, he informed us that while in vet school, they cultured raw chicken and found the highest concentration of salmonella on the bone itself. He is very skeptical of raw chicken for this reason. He is very experienced and has many years practicing his trade. That being said, the breeder we bought Kona from feeds all their dogs raw chicken thighs and legs. We all know the canine digestive system can handle about anything but because our pup is so young, we cook her chicken in mass, strip it off the bone and feed it with dry puppy food, The concern is the pup does not get all the essentials with just raw chicken. I’m not saying this is the right way to do it as many have success with other ways but it’s safe without question for us. Just sayin.