Does Your Dog Eat Raw Chickens?

We often feed our dogs raw bones or chicken wings and if we were richer they would get a lot more raw meat and bones. Unfortunately that is not really the topic of this post but i will be writing about the pros cons of raw meat for your dogs next.

If you have read my about page then you know we live in the countryside in Spain and are quite remote. Each parcel of land is known as a Finca. There are small to large plots and normally they have a small building on them.

Now there are a few places near the village that are basically chicken farms. The chickens are inside and normally every six to eight weeks they are collected in big lorries and the places cleaned out for the next batch.

This is where our problems are starting. Coinciding with this timeframe some unscrupulous owner is coming to the Finca below ours and dumping a load of dead chickens over a terrace wall. Totally illegal and a health hazard. Not to mention all the giant Vultures that appear from the Ports Mountain ranges to feast (boy are they big)!

This is bonanza time for dogs.

What Could Be Better Than A Giant Pile Of Dead Chickens For A Dog?

It’s a nightmare. The dogs, normally outside so much are having to be kept in and carefully watched. At the first chance they are off to feast on this ever degrading and smellier by the day pile of rotting chickens. I don’t know what these chickens have been fed or how/why they died. I do know the chicken factories are supposed to dispose of the carcasses in proper bins but hey i guess they have to pay for it. Definitely not good times.

The only good thing is because of the temperate climate they at least rot quickly but if you have ever had a dog roll in a half decompsed badger then you get an inkling of what the smell of three dogs who have feasted on half rotten chickens smells like!

Welcome to my world where all is not as civilised as it once was in the city.

May the Doggie Force be with you all,

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