Doggie Woggie Nickie Namies

Doggie Woggie Nickie Namies – You know you have them. C’mon, admit it!

To lighten the mood a little in these all too serious of times I thought it would be a bit of fun if we all showed ourselves up in public and listed the favorite nicknames we have for our poochie woochies.

Leave the embarassing nickie namies you have for your doggie woggies in the comments section. List as many or as few as you want.

Lets see who has the best nickie namies for their pooches.

To shame myself publicly here are mine. Grrrr, macho voice begins:

  • Little Monkeys
  • Poochie Woochies
  • Little Bone Munchers
  • Dogs of Doom
  • Jetski (for Jet)
  • Little Monkey Brains
  • Beardy Square Head (for Faye)
  • Stinky Fart pants (for them all)!
  • Princess Diana (for super puppy eyed Daisy)
  • Big Bottomed Bozo (for fat arsed Faye)
  • Rocky, Rocky, Rocky (for dozy eyed Faye)
  • Daisy Waisy
  • Jet The Wonder Dog
  • Faye Thickie Pants

And of course the most used of them all –

You little #@£*&#!

So what are yours?

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  1. KianaB says:

    My dogs name is Ransom:
    Puppy Duppy
    Handsome Ransom

    I call my sister’s dog Snoot Snoot– she sticks her nose (her little snoot) in my face all the time.

    My cat is named Rosalind Franklin (after the scientist) but I sometimes call her Chubs or Satan. My dad calls her the little devil cat.

  2. Riayn says:

    Collectively our two dogs are known as either ‘the kids’ or ‘the hounds’ or ‘the puppies’ despite them both being 6 years old.

    Rory our beagle has the nickname of ‘Smee’ which she actually responds to. This is because the character in Lord of the Rings, Smeagol (Gollum) rhymes with beagle and so the shortened version is Smee. She also gets ‘baby Smee’ as well.

    Caleb our German Shepherd cross gets the unoriginal nickname of ‘Big Dog’ and also ‘Calebee’ or ‘Little Man’.

    Riayn’s last blog post..Weekly Weigh In: Week 1

  3. Jen S. says:

    Great names! I can think of only one that’s cute, in the doggie woggie type of way, and that’s:

    Pinkie Nose (for Tammy, my pink-nosed greyhound)

    Though I rarely call my dogs by their real names; it’s usually a variation of their name with some form of “-o” at the end.

    Maple: May-po, May-po-lio

    Dazzle: Dazz-o, Dazzolio

    Tammy: Tambo

    Jen S.’s last blog post..Less than exemplary behavior

  4. fur butts, fur babies, stinky butt, tigger dog, brat face

    Cathy the Doggy Mom’s last blog post..Doggie News from Harley-Top 10 Dog Names for 2008

  5. the three dog blogger says:

    Thanks for everyones great names so far. It has really brought a smile to my face.

    It’s great to know i’m not alone in the sillie willie doggie namies arena!

  6. Johann says:

    My nickname is JoJo (pronounced YoYo 🙂 Kinda fits my personality more than Johann! Woofs!

    Johann’s last blog post..Grace, pup in training , to ring NASDAQ closing bell!

  7. Rather than do a great big nickname comment, I’ll just put up a link … 😉

  8. Kaytee the dogwalker says:

    My dog’s name is Otto. He has many nicknames like Ottow Wottow, Toto, Potato, Potato Ball, Tater and Tater Chip. When he was a puppy we called him the Little Brown Poop Machine. Nowadays, dad calls him Big Boy.

  9. the three dog blogger says:

    Kaytee, I love it.

    “Little Brown Poop Machine”, I can sympathise with that one alright!!!

  10. the three dog blogger says:

    Dennis, I like it. I like it a lot!

  11. Heather says:

    I call Ava, my 9-pound Italian Greyhound, “Bean”. My niece’s boyfriend calls her “Skeletor” because she’s so skinny. We call our Spaniel Mix, Jackson, Jackie and Jackie-Boy. I guess we’re not that creative with nick names. 🙂

    Heather’s last blog post..Stuff

  12. I come up with new ones daily almost!! Here are my faves:

    Fur Bag
    butt face
    garbage disposal
    lion bear

    Taris Janitens’s last blog – Find out Where you Rank!

  13. the three dog blogger says:

    Heather, 9 poundss! Really?

    That is so little. I am going to look up Italian Greyhounds. Are they a mini breed?

  14. the three dog blogger says:

    Taris, your softie woftie side is finally revealed!

    Don’t worry I won’t tell Chow! Heh heh!

  15. Charles says:

    LOL. We have a ton of dogs, so here is just a portion of my list:

    the spy
    the fat one
    sweet home alabamer
    the pook

    The list goes on…

    Charles’s last blog post..The Cosmopolitan beats the Odds

  16. wee wee (this nickname came when we first got her)

  17. Sootie says:

    Ah man, I want a doggie woggie, so I can give it an ickle nicky-namey! You guys make me sooooo jealous!

  18. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Sootie,

    So why not get one? I am sure you can convince “the man” if you really tried.

  19. Marci says:

    Let’s see…

    Suki has the following nicks:
    Sooky-Ooky, Sookster, Princess Suki, Miss Thing, Cujo (she’s a Pomeranian who thinks she’s a Rottweiler at times)

    Tara’s nicknames include:
    Tara-ma-lara, Tara O’Hara, Tara-belle, Tara-bull, Stinkerbell (she has a gas issue at times), Ugly Dog (that’s my husband’s nickname for here)

    And yes, you little &*#! is a common name for both of them!

  20. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Marci,

    You have some great nicki namies there!

    I love stinkerbell, that one applies to all three of mine!
    Hope to see you back again soon.

  21. Friar says:

    My sister has a Duck-Toller.

    Dunno if you’re familiar with Tollers. But these breeds have LOTS of energy.

    The dog is constanlty yapping, and wanting to play and retrieve. At all times of the day (or night).

    Sometimes you just want to say: “Will you SHUT your CAKE-HOLE?”

    So we’ve eventually started calling her the “Cake-Toller”.

    Friar’s last blog post..Unhealthy Crap I Love to Eat, but Probably Shouldn’t.

  22. the three dog blogger says:

    Friar, I had never heard of Tollers before.

    Cool nickie namie. It’s amazing the scope of names we end up giving to the Dogs in our lives.

  23. TC says:

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels!

    Lily’s (age 2) nicknames include:
    silly lily
    sweet potato

    Edie (age 11 weeks) nicknames include:
    the diva
    red devil
    devil puppy
    jerry springer girl

    Can you tell who is more trouble? Ha!

  24. marcinyc says:

    Oh… i forgot Tara’s other nick – Weezie. She’s got chronic lung disease and when she has a bad attack, she wheezes or honks (like a goose).

    Stinkerbelle was given to her by a friend of mine — it wasn’t my original name, but it fits her so well.

  25. the three dog blogger says:

    TC, ummm, i’m guessing the pupster! Am i right?

    Marcyinyc, I’m sorry to hear that about Tara.

  26. luna_x says:

    Cute post!

    I have three dogs as well… two pugs (father & son) and a German Shepherd. All were adopted and pre-named. I didn’t have the heart to change them but they get new nicknames on a regular basis!

    Muggs (father Pug):
    Mr. MuggPug
    Old Man
    Don Muggliano
    Big Poppa

    Doobie (Muggs’ son):
    Doobie Doobie Doo
    Smoosh face

    Mango (GS):
    Evil Princess Mango Doggie (Embarrassing but true: she answers to ‘Evil.’ EEEeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiil is the preferred pronunciation. LOL)
    (We don’t call her many nicknames because Mango is such a fun word to say!)

    luna_x’s last blog post..luna_x: @jesseluna We make fun now but it was a must back then. 🙂

  27. the three dog blogger says:

    Luna X,

    I love it. You have some great nickie namies. I can just picture you calling EEeeeeeeeeeeeeeviiiiil. Bet you get some odd looks with that one!

    Very good comment. Thanks.

  28. Lou says:

    Roger goes by several nicknames –

    Rogerdog or Little Dog is most frequent,

    Little Sir when he’s being good,

    Spotty Dog, Little monkey, Roget (French pronunciation), fuzzy butt puppy pants, fuzzy pants puppy butt and other such nonsense combinations.

    “You fool dog” by my Dad…this one is not endorsed by me or Roger

    Lou’s last blog post..Personal Highlights 2008

  29. emchi says:

    Ah, she has many:

    Dinkles (the other half made that one up)

    emchi’s last blog post..Concrete Cathedral

  30. Sharonda says:

    Nicknames for my furkids aren’t all that imaginative. The cat, Domino, answers to Kitty, Nina, Dominina, and Nina Kitty. The dog, Jerry, has to Jerry Bear, Jerry Duane, The Jerry Monster, Baby, Baby Boy, Fart Head, and Mr. Wigglebottom.

  31. sjloveday says:

    Just have to add my Beagles…
    Pete is Boss Beagle or Sweets or Old Man…
    Twister is Twisted Twister or Happy Dog…
    Junior is MeeAtta Boy or J.R or Stinkerbutt…
    Mere Fuddly is Beddle Beddle or Baby Beagles and when in trouble Fuddly…Together they are The Boyz..a red tick…a blue tick..a lemon and a tri-color..

  32. Webomatica says:

    Seems we usually create a one-syllable name and repeat it twice. So a dog with the name “Buster” would be “Bus-bus” 🙂

    Webomatica’s last blog post..Movie Notes: The Deadly And The Beautiful

  33. lmoe says:

    for my semi-feral 18 lb polydactyl cat Squatch (short for “Sasquatch”):”Fatty McButterpants”
    For the 8 month old male Yorkie, Fergus, who is in perpetual housetraining mode:
    Mr. Poopers
    Mr. Widdles
    Mr. Puddles (that’s for accidents)
    “The Undee-nator” & “Panty-hound”

    Thanks for the posts and the tweets…


  34. the three dog blogger says:

    Lou, we use Little Monkey a lot too. Strange that so many use it. I wonder why?

    Emchi, I love “Dinkles”. Very good!

    Sharonda, “Farthead”! Classic. Our Puppy should be called that. Definitely Mrs. Stinky at the moment.

    SJLoveday, all yours are great. Can’t pick a favourite. It’s good to see you back here commenting.

    Webomatica, short and sweet is often good. Welcome to the Blog. Hope to see you here again.

    Lmoe, “spit it out”! Excellent, and welcome to the Blog. Come back soon.

  35. Mary Jo says:

    Our older dog, 12 yr old beagle named Snoopy, has a tom of nicknames.

    Doopy dog
    Bulbus eye beagle
    Da doop

    And our puppy, an 8 mnth old named Rascal…

    Little guy
    Puppy dog
    Mommas baby

  36. Jeffnfun631 says:

    Poopie Boy

  37. the three dog blogger says:

    Mary Jo,
    A ton of gret names there. I love Bulbus eye beagle.

    I can relate to that one. See you on Twitter soon, come back and comment some more. Great to have you here.

  38. Shelley says:

    We have many nicknames for our English Cream Golden Retriever puppy, Millie, including:
    Mill Mill (sounds like “meo meo”)
    Sweet Sweet
    MWD (Mean White Dog)
    Bat Girl (when she grits her teeth at us, playfully)
    Sugar Bear

    She also has this thing she does where she starts licking something (blanket, couch, toy, us) and she stops mid-lick and holds it there. We call that a “lick stick”

    Shelley’s last blog post..Fluke

  39. the three dog blogger says:

    Shelley, a “lick stick”! I love it. Mean White Dog, I guess we all have that one, just with a different colour, at times!

  40. Party Dog says:

    I have three dogs…
    Penny, Kylie and Kiwi. Of course they all have nick-names! Kiwi is often called The Wee or Weiner. I know…weird…but hey, she doesn’t seem to care. 🙂

    Party Dog’s last blog post..5 Dog Friendly Icing Recipes

  41. Lonesome Dog says:

    We have two dogs: Meesha and Winston.

    Meesha is called variously: Meesha Peesha, The White One, Trouble

    Winston is called variously: Bud, Budweiser

  42. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Party Dog,

    I like it.

    Hi Lonesome Dog,

    Trouble, now that sounds familiar! Glad you could visit. Feel free to comment any time.

  43. John says:

    My 130 pound Mastiff is named Dewey, but we call him dooby because he is very lazy and eats a ton of food.

  44. Kathleen says:

    I am obviously a late-comer to your blog and especially to this one about nicknames for our dogs. My 10 yo yellow lab Gracie is called Baby Girl or Baby Gracie and our 5 yo doberman Ace’s nickname is Bubby. The bubby was from shortening baby puppy when he was young. We probably call him Bubby more than we do his given name. Of course, he was already named Ace when we got him and I didn’t change it, but wish I had.

  45. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    It is never too late to join in. Cool names. We still seem to be calling Jet the Puppy even though she is well over 2 now!

  46. beans says:

    Our 1 year old 3lb chihuaha’s full name is Cinnaminni Pillow. Her names are:
    Cinny Minny
    little lady
    little girl
    cinnaminni moodle
    minni moo
    minni monkey
    munchkin moodle

    They kind of evolve from each other and change weekly!

  47. Silvicen says:

    Well I got more dogs than I need, but here goes,

    Bakku- kukubakku, coo coo, best friend, perfect, achoo, barky pants.

    Kirin- cuddlebug, kirby (like the vaccum cleaner), porkypig, corndog, pigdog.

    Princess Sadie Creampuff the Fur Factory aka the big white idiot.

    Goldie- yellow puppy, Stop Thief, sweetheart.

    Seamus- Handsome Mama’s Boy. Mr. Serious the prize fighter.

    Fergus the Clown, Traveler, cry baby

    they all get called heathens, children, kids, horsie butt (usually followed by get off my head) sister dogs, brother dogs, pupps, boys, girls, and when thier driving me absolutley nuts I just point and call them YOU.

  48. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Great stuff Silvicen, I especially love “Stop Thief”!

  49. Dexter says:

    As a dog, I can only share my pet names for some of the humans among my family and my circle of aquaintances:
    Boomer; Soft Touch; Peanut Head; Chicken Lips; Frick; Frack; Paddy Whack; Wedgie; Wide Load; Nose Picker; Skunk Eye; SBD; Pants-on-the-ground; Eggplant; Squirrel Face; Knock Knees; Droopy Drawers; Goat Breath; Knuckle Dragger; and Chihuahua Head.

  50. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Thanks for sharing Dexter.

  51. KM says:

    Jackie (15 year old Jack Russell) – Jackie-whack, Jackster, Stinky Girl, Darlin’

    Karl (6 year old Schnauzer) – Karly bear, Baby Boy, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin Pie

    Zero (2 year old Labradoodle) – Zeroni, Baby girl, Doodlebug, Angel

  52. richard edwards says:

    putting a choker chain on a dog, is cruel, such objects should be banned and use of it should incur a big fine. I have read comments along the line of oh, using it correctly does not harm the dog. what a load of crap, people who use choker chains, to me, are the type of dog owners who do not have the patience that is required for training a dog

  53. Ward says:

    Our son and his wife have a Dorkie (Dachshund Yorkie Mix) which goes by the name of Nya. We call it the “grand-dog” 🙂