What Will You Do When Your Dog Dies?

The Death of our beloved friends is something we never like to think about. As with friends and family we just try not to dwell on the reality that happens to us all.

I don’t want to bring anybody down but I think this is an issue we should all think about.

As your Dog ages it is important to give its Death some consideration. In a lot of cases our beautiful Dogs last moments will be at the Vets with us by their side. This is just the reality for many Dogs. Unlike for people, we thankfully have the option of easing our Dogs final moments, and allowing them to pass away with dignity and not allow them to suffer.

This is not to say this is always the case. Dogs may often pass away at home quietly.

Sam, our fantastic Boy, lived to be over sixteen. He has been gone for a year and a half now. He spent years in the City but he spent his last two years here in Spain. He finally had the freedom to walk out the front door and in to some superb countryside. As he got older he started to slow down but was still enjoying life. Totally deaf and not seeing so well, he stil thought life was great. The inevitable end came close though, and one morning we got up and just knew.

Anyway, I am getting sad so I won’t dwell on the final moments, but I miss you Dude.

Dog Bereavement

We have more land than we can shake a stick at so we knew that Sam would be coming home with us. He was wrapped in a big ‘ol blankie and we buried him on a lovely terrace above the Vegetable plot. It broke my heart but he had a GREAT life.

We were fortunate that we had this option. We live out of the way so even if there are any Laws about this no one would know.

What To Do When Your Dog Dies At Home

What To Do When Your Dog Dies At The Vets

Dog bereavement is horrible to say the least. A buddy of many years is out of your life.

What I want to say really, is to think about it before the time comes. Many people don’t have the options we have. Find out what your options are beforehand.

Can you bury your Dog in the Garden with a great Garden Dog Statue?

Is it even Legal? I honestly don’t know.

Will you have him cremated?

Think about what would happen if your Dog died at home. What would you do? Make sure you know who to call. Can you call your Vet? Will they collect the little pooch?

I had to carry Sam from the Car in his Blanket to the grave, and trust me, it was one of the saddest things I ever did.

Think about what you will do. Make sure you know who to call. I know there are Pet Cemeteries where you can buy Dog Graves in advance. Do you want to do that?

All these questions are things you need to ask yourself. I know none of us want to think about these issues, but when the time does approach make sure you know what will happen. Dog bereavement is hard enough as it is. Don’t let it be worse by being faced with problems that you don’t know how to handle.

Find out in advance what you will do and it will ease the situation.

I am sorry to talk about such serious issues. I don’t want  to upset anyone (although I have upset myself)! I just want everyone to think about it so it will not be as stressful as it might be if you are grieveing and don’t know what to do.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. megscole64 says:

    Ug…just thinking about it makes me want to cry. We WILL have to deal with it one of these days with our Quinn girl. 🙁 She’s getting older and older every day. But she’s still our princess.

    megscole64’s last blog post..Discouraging Growth

  2. the three dog blogger says:

    Megscole64, It is very tough, I know. I think, however, it is best to ensure you know what will happen in advance.

    To be honest I am not too happy I even wrote the post. I have been thinking about Sam all day. It is tough when you think about your best buddy not being with you any more.

  3. Dan says:

    Wow- this is rough. My male is 9yrs, he is an Olde English Bullie. He is in good health , but I know it will happen sometime. I am a 220 lb novice bodybuilder and will cry like a baby when the time comes. I act tough by teasing him that I have his replacement picked out, but that will not happen he is one of a kind that is for sure! Just writing this thinking about it-I kind of tear up. Man when I get home he gets a big hug!!!!!!!!

  4. I have it on good authority that all our dogs will live forever. (If I keep telling myself that it will have to be true, right?)

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..I Been Locked Out

  5. the three dog blogger says:

    Dan, I know what you mean. I felt awful all day after writing the post. I kept thinking of my old boy Sam.

    Dennis, I wish that you were right. How great would that be?

  6. Anraiki says:

    I am going to have to go with Dennis on this one. My dog is many things to me. Rudy will live forever, and if he doesn’t, his cremation and his son’s/daughters will carry on his legacy.

    Anraiki’s last blog post..What Twitter can really do for YOU

  7. the three dog blogger says:

    Anraiki, That is a great way to think about it.

  8. Mike says:

    Just cruising the web looking for nothing in particular today in mourning because at 12:30 this afternoon my great dog of 12 years Sparky died at home. Interesting your story about Sam–Sparky came with us yesterday to visit my parents and was totally normal (he’s 12 so he has–oops, had 🙁 sore hips, etc.). Today we woke up and he looked totally different. He had a bit of a twitch in his hips, seemed cold, and just had a look like he was going. I thought he was taking a turn for the worse but didn’t think he’d die so quickly. I laid with him on his bed and held him for a while, but had to go to work. Before I left he had moved to my bedroom–I gave him a rub on the head and left. My wife was running errands and called to say she came home, called for him and found him as he took his last breath. He was laying down, peaceful. I’ve been expecting this for a year–just because of his age–but am just crushed inside. He was an amazing boy who I’m going to miss a lot. I’m thankful he lived well to the end. Bye Sparky.

    Related to the article–I took him to the vet for cremation.

  9. In Memory of Vida…………. 2003 – Died March 13, 2010

    It’s been five weeks since I last snuggled with her. As I gaze upon her grave in the backyard, there is such a yearning to see her again. I believe God put dogs on this earth to show mankind what unconditional love is all about. Let me explain.

    Two years ago as I was undergoing treatment for cancer, I was racked with nausia and vomiting after chemo. I would be stretched out over my bed, sick and weary. Vida would sit on my bed with me, sometimes licking tears off my face as I complained how aweful I felt. Weeks turned into months, and my lethargic body lay limp with fatigue. And then there was Vida-stretched out next to me, snuggling closer and closer by the hours. She was a vital dog, strong and powerful. Her breed was a Presa Canarie Mastif, rumored to be a violent type of dog. But Vida was gentle and powerfully loyal, and I loved her so much. She could have been playing and romping in the backyard, but she stayed by my side like a loving friend. There were times I would swear she could read both my feelings and my thoughts. The sicker I was, the closer she became.

    Animals don’t demand much. Just returned love, food, water and shelter. In turn, they give so much more. When I looked into her eyes, I could feel the love she returned to me.

    Three months before her death, she was diagnosed with acute renal failure. She was only seven years old, so the diagnosis was hard to take. We expected to have her five to seven years longer. She was nursed by my daughters and son, as well as us. She had IV drips and a special diet. She never complained. She went between my home and my daughters home. We worked closely with our vet to help expand her life as long as possible. For awhile, she didn’t even seem sick. But then the day came when she could not eat or drink water. She was sick and nauseaded and threw up anything we tried to feed her. The doctor did blood work, and comfirmed the worse.

    We knew we had only one thing left we could do for her. We placed her in my bed, the same bed where she layed with me through my sickness, and made her comfortable. We gave her eyedroppers of water and snuggled closely with her. We looked into her intent eyes and sent her love. We talked to her, and whispered affectionate words of gratitude to her. Someone was with her for the next few days around the clock. She was never alone. The final morning arrived, and each one in the family sat on the bed rubbing her sick body. The tears began to fall. She was too weak this time to lick them, but she gazed at us in loving thankfulness. The time had come for the doctor to injet her with the medicine that would end her final day. With heavy hearts, we watched as the morphine did its job. Her body was lifeless. She was gone. My son wrapped her in her favorite blanket, and lifted her body from the bed.
    Her grave had been dug. Jesse gently walked her down to her final resting place. It was over. She was gone from us, but remains in our hearts forever. She was a blessing from God, a gift to show our family what unconditional love really looked like.

  10. Marlene says:

    I never knew anything could hurt so bad, thanks

  11. margaret says:

    I brought Danny Boy home from the pound. He was only 5 months old.Danny ws a sepherd borfercollie mix. He had a greart home. I walked him several times a day everyday, in therain and snow. He swam in the lake and went to parks to play. He went everywhere with me. When I came home from somewhere, he was at the door waiting for a hug. He could catch a ball in mid air and retrieve it. Danny slept on the couch, in a chair or on my bed.. it didn’t matter to me.He had a big fenced in treed backyard. He always had a big smile and was never mean. He liked other dogs and the cats we have. Danny lived to be 15 and died last week. He was the best dog ever and I will miss him forever. He was the best companion I ever had. ai am depressed about this but I know I will get over it in time. We had Danny creamated. He deseveve that much repect. # years ago I had his both rear knees repkaced.it cost $6800 yeah, but it was worth it.I miss you my friend, sleep well Danny/

  12. Three Dog Blogger says:

    margaret, that was lovely.