An Interview with Dennis The Vizsla

Recently I was lucky enough to get to ask a few questions to a blogger many of you may have heard of. Dennis The Vizsla is part of a growing number of Dogs that Blog. His is quite a fascinating life, with never a dull moment. Be sure to visit Dennis The Vizsla once you have read this fascinating glimpse in to a quite extraordinary Dogs life. Hi Dennis, firstly what is a Vizsla? hello there!!!! wel lets see i am a vizsla and so is my stepbrother tucker and so is my sister pumpkin and so is my […]

Doggie Conversations…….

“Why have I got this big plastic thing on my head?” “You daft Puppy, don’t you know it’s called an Elizabethan Collar” “I don’t care, I keep banging in to furniture and my belly hurts too. It’s not fair” “Well, me and Daisy had it as well so there. You’re not special” “But why?” “It’s because you had an operation on Monday. You have to have it on so you don’t lick at your belly sewing” “Well I don’t like it. I won’t lick my belly if the shouty Man will take it off” “We all tried that and […]

Doggie Conversations……

“Jet……Jet……..JET!” “What?” “Do you really think you should be doing that?” “What (gulp, munch, chew,gulp) do you mean?” “Eating the shouty mans bed like that” “Why not, he loves it” “He loves it?” “Yeah, ‘course he does” “I don’t think so” “He does, haven’t you noticed?” “Noticed what?” “Well whenever one of us chews something he jumps up and down and starts running around singing” “Are you sure he’s singing, I always thought he was shouting?” “Nah he loves it” “Well, i’m off downstairs before he wakes up, just in case you got it wrong ikkle pupster” “Yeah whatever, […]

If Dogs Could Talk……………………………….

” So what shall we do today Faye and Jet?” “Well I’m still a puppy so I think I will get some serious eating of by beddie in and won’t get too told off as I am only ickle” “What about you Faye?” “Because I am the biggest and the naughtiest I think that for a laugh I may bark like a loon at the front door pretending there is someone there, and then when the door opens I will go and have a lie down on the bed when no one is looking. What about you?” “Well as […]