An Interview with Dennis The Vizsla

Recently I was lucky enough to get to ask a few questions to a blogger many of you may have heard of. Dennis The Vizsla is part of a growing number of Dogs that Blog. His is quite a fascinating life, with never a dull moment.

Be sure to visit Dennis The Vizsla once you have read this fascinating glimpse in to a quite extraordinary Dogs life.

Hi Dennis, firstly what is a Vizsla?

hello there!!!! wel lets see i am a vizsla and so is my stepbrother tucker and so is my sister pumpkin and so is my brother eli and so is my other brother jack and — wot??? oh dada sez yoo ar probly asking abowt the vizsla breed wel vizslas ar poynting and retreeving dogs wot come frum the mithical land of hungary wich is appropriat becuz my brother tucker is always hungary himself ha ha

Can you tell everyone a little about yourself? How old are you, who do you live with and how did you come to live there?

wel i am not shoor how old i am on akkownt of al my records being stolen by ninja hedjhogs and sold on the blak markit or posibly just thrown away by the peepul wot dumpd me in a canyon in the desert ennyway now i liv with mama and dada and tucker and trixie and trouble and sum fish i started to liv heer wen mama and dada pikd me and my brother eli up from the pownd on behaff of vizsla reskew and they wer going to foster me but then they never gayv me bak i hav herd that they got trixie the saym way so it seems to be a pattern with them

At what age did you learn to type?

i dont no how old i am for shoor but mama and dada think i wuz just under a yeer old wen they got me so i gess i wuz abowt a yeer old wen i started sneeking onto the kompyooter wile dada wuznt luking

Do you enjoy blogging and would you recommend it to others?

wel yoo no it helps to pass the time wile yoo ar wayting for mama and dada to come home frum wurk so shoor i wood rekomend it espeshly to those wot hav thums wich mayks typing mutch eezier or so i am told

Have you EVER chewed the furniture or is it all REALLY a conspiracy?

oh it is totaly a konspirasy!!!!! i hav never ever chood the furnitcher!!!! oh shoor i may hav grabbd it with my teeth and tugd on it a littel but that is hardly the saym thing as chooing!!!

What’s with the Hedgehogs then?

they ar evil and want to tayk over the wurld with there mad ninja numchuk skills watch owt for them!!!!
also watch owt for spiny norman hoo is the biggest meenest hedjhog of all eeven the piranha brothers ar skayrd of him!!!!

You seem to have an awful ot of awards for your blog. Are you the best Dog that blogs?

oh wel yoo no best is sutch a strong wurd!!!! i think it is just that beeing a poynting and retreeving type of dog i just tend to bring home a lot of awards in my mowth and then dada is a pak rat and never throws ennything away however i wood like to poynt owt that my blog has way more awards then dadas blog duz in yore fayse dada!!!! ha ha

There seems to be a lot going on in your house Teddy Ruxpin, Gophers etc. Just how big is the conspiracy?

oh it is a hyoodjly vast konspirasy all rite!!! like almost as big as the konspirasy to mayk evrywun vote on american idol or the other konspirasy to mayk everywun think that hyoomans went to the moon or the biggest most hyoojest konspirasy of all i am shoor yoo no wich wun i meen!!!!

What is your favourite thing to do in the whole world, ever?

wel i like to kuddel mama and i wil kuddel dada if mama is not avaylabul also i like flyball and adjility however i think my favrit thing to do in the hole wurld is to watch myself in the meeror wile trying on my collekshun of fedoras

If you had to give it up what would you do instead?

giv wot up?

Cats, any thoughts?

ha ha cats? thawts? no i hav never seen enny evidense that cats hav thawts ha ha ha — ow sharp claws in my hiney!!!! oh um sorry trouble yes wot i ment to say is that cats are wunderful and we shud all be verry verry nice to them at all times

Is there anything else you would like to talk about before we say goodbye?

yes akchooally if ennywun happens to spot wunder woman and she is stil waring my fedora cud yoo remind her that i want it bak???? thanks ok bye

Many thanks to Dennis The Vizsla for taking the time to answer a few questions. Be sure to visit his site to see just HOW big the conspiracy really is!

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. hello three dog blogger its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for this fun intervyoo i can ashoor yoo that all the ansers ar a hundred persent troothful and hav been vetted by an independent reeserch organizayshun hooze identity i am not at liberty to diskloze ok bye

  2. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Dennis, I had fun doing it. Don’t know who this mysterious organisation is though!

  3. We love Dennis so thanks for the inteview with him.

    Bobo and Meja the Sharpei puppies

    Bobo and Meja’s last blog post..Warmth come

  4. Dozer says:

    Well being a totally unbiassed observer and also a dawg what blogs I can say without a dowt that Dennis has wun of the bestest blogs out there running only sekund mebbe to this one so I thinks it wuz a good choice to interview him. Yes thats rite I am totally unbiassed when I sez that Dennis is funny and smart and brave and generus and a very nice dawg to know. Let me repeet that I am not being payd in any way to say this wunnerful stuff bout Dennis.

    PS hey Dennis thanks fer all them awards!!

    Yer pal I mean totally unbiassed blog critik Dozer

  5. Daisy says:

    I toootally agree that Dennis the Vizsla has the best dog blog around! What a great interview, I am a big “Dennis the Vizasla Groupie”. I kinda wish I had a fedora like his to wear on Saturday mornings when I read about his adventures! He also has scored me points with the destruction thing, you know mom thinks, well if Dennis can do it well so can Daisy (oh uh mom says she never said that). Maybe they will interview you for Archeology monthly next!

    Daisy’s last blog post..Bumper Sticker

  6. asta says:

    Thank you fow that insightful intewview of Dennis the vizsla.
    I am agood fwiend of his, and can attest to the facts you have uncovewed.
    Nice to meet you
    smoochie kisses

    asta’s last blog post..Emewgency Chicken delivewy

  7. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Bobo and Meja, glad you liked it.

    Dozer the Dog critic, it is so nice to have a totally unbiased opinion!!!

    I hope it has nothing to do with Dennis threatening to nick your stuff if you ever have to leave the house again:)

    Daisy, according to Dennis he ahas NEVER eaten the furniture. Don’t go getting any bad ideas!

    Asta,nice to meet you too, glad you can confirm what was uncovered.