Safe Bones For Dogs

I have written a number of times about bones for Dogs but quite regularly I will either get a comment on an old Dog Blog post or I will receive a personal email asking me if it is safe to give a Dog: Cooked bones Boiled bones Chicken bones after a roast Pork bones Small cooked bones Large cooked bones And on the list goes. This is for anyone who is unsure about what bones they can give to Dogs and to dispel some of the myths about the realities of feeding bones for Dogs. In a nutshell the […]

The Must Buy Dog Book

Look in to my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Your eyelids are feeling heavy. You are asleep. You are totally under my influence. You will click here and go to Amazon. You will buy the Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health book. You will start reading it as soon as it arrives. You will always give your Dog a bone a few times a week after you realise how important it is. You will now have a Dog with lovely fresh breath. You will now have a Dog who has perfectly clean teeth You will now have a Dog that […]

Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones? Dogs Love Raw Meat

Before we had our present dogs we had a fantastic male dog. We always fed him only dried food and he was always great company. He was energetic and full of life until very old age when he finally slowed down. We did however always have a few recurring problems with him. He quite often had very bad breath He had lots of teeth extracted at much expense At least twice a year he had to have his anal glands emptied by the Vet Not very nice i know but this is how it was. We were given some […]