How To Stop A Dog From Chewing, Get An Indestructible Dog Toy

With Christmas truly on it’s way I guess I should do a plug for a Doggie Toy. You can’t neglect them when it’s prezzie time. Dogs love getting something they can have a good old play with so why not get something that will last and may also stop the dogs from chewing up the house. I know that this is a problem for many. Especiall if you have a new dog or a puppy. How To Stop Dogs From Chewing It can be a real problem for some. Our solution was to put a bit of oil laced […]

The Good The Bad and The Puppy…….it almost rhymes!

After having three dogs under my feet whilst I have been at home working for the past few days I decided a partial doggie break was in order. I was off down from the mountain working today and decided to just take the puppy Jet with me and leave the other two girls at home. Daisy (the good) is to be trusted as she is such a well behaved dog and the worst she has ever done is nab a shoe and sleept next to it, never any damage done. Faye (the bad) on the other hand has had […]