The Good The Bad and The Puppy…….it almost rhymes!

After having three dogs under my feet whilst I have been at home working for the past few days I decided a partial doggie break was in order. I was off down from the mountain working today and decided to just take the puppy Jet with me and leave the other two girls at home. Daisy (the good) is to be trusted as she is such a well behaved dog and the worst she has ever done is nab a shoe and sleept next to it, never any damage done. Faye (the bad) on the other hand has had […]

Yay. A Peg! Or How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Furniture For Five Minutes.

We, meaning me and the three dogs were in the dining room yesterday chilling and doing whatever we each felt like. I was watching TV and little puppy Jet and her Mum Daisy were asleep. Faye was sniffling about lying on the floor when suddenly up she jumped and was acting like she had just discovered the best way to have fun in the whole Universe. She was jumping about, wagging like mad, rearing on her back legs and generally being bonkers. I just sat watching to see what this most fantastic wasy of having fun was. She threw […]