My Dogs Clean Teeth

Any regular readers of the site know I place the health of my Dogs teeth pretty high on the list when it comes to looking after Dogs. After spending a fortune on a previous Dog because we never gave his mouth a thought I am now ensuring it doesn’t happen again. I now write about it on occasion and given the chance will write about in guest posts like I did for Lindsays great blog. Read the post about cleaning Dogs Teeth and the many benefits of Bones for Dogs if you missed it before. By the time our […]

How To Clean Dogs Teeth

UPDATE: There is a great new product on the market that is much easier to use than a toothbrush for those looking how to clean Dog’s teeth. Click HERE to read about this great product. Called oral hygiene chews they are extremely cheap but amazing for keeping Dog’s teeth clean. It will take a few attempts using a toothbrush before your Dog becomes accustomed to cleaning Dog’s Teeth. We shall now take a comprehensive look at how to clean Dogs Teeth. Here at this Dog blog keeping Dogs teeth clean is very important. Bad Teeth in Dogs can be […]