We’re Knackered But We Still Need Our Walk

I really do wonder about the Dogs sometimes. Me and Mrs.Three Dog Blogger and the three Bone Munchers are very privileged to live where we do. We dropped out of City life over four years ago and now live a completely different existence. When I open the door in the morning this is what I see. I never get tired off it and love the open space. The Dogs have a habit of going off in to the woods by the side of the house and running around like loons! They also love to run around the terraces by […]

Is Your Dog Happy?

With a few days of relaxing over Christmas, this morning we were confronted with a flurry of morning craziness. Dogs were jumping all over the place and acting like a bunch of overexcited children. The good Mrs. Three Dog Blogger took the Girls for a walk while I hurriedly Chainsawed some wood and put some under cover as it seems like rain is on the way (one day I will get it sorted in advance)! On their return it seems like they are having one of those days. Why? Well, this is the point of this post. As I […]