Gassy Dog Problem Solved (almost)

I wrote about the gassy Dog problem we were having almost two weeks ago and to be honest I forgot to write the follow up. Jet really was stinking out the whole house and it was becoming intolerable. Below is what I had planned to stop the gassy Dog flatulence. Dogs really can stink the house out! Stop the Dog eating so fast.  Gulping means there is too much air getting swallowed.  I am going to feed Jet four times a day instead of twice.  The same amount overall but in smaller quantities.  This should cut down on the […]

Dog Flatulence, I Need To Stop It Now!!!!

Things have taken a turn for the sour here at chez Three Dog Blog. The air is turning foul! Jet, who is now approaching eight months old, has decided she is fed up of the fresh smelling country air and has decided to populate every room with her foul smelling Dog farts! I know it is funny to those who do not have a Dog Farting around the house but it really is becoming an issue!  It absolutely stinks! Birds do it, Bees do it, even educated People do it, lets NOT do it, lets NOT fall for Farts! […]