Mah Puppy Is Turnin’ Intae A Scottish Dug

Ah wrote previoosly abit th’ first tv shaw ‘at Jit watched haur. Since ‘en she hasnae pure taken much notice ay th’ tv. She watches snippets ay th’ odd program, especially if it is a wildlife shaw wi’ Elephants ur Tigers involved. Daisy, ‘er maw, pays a wee bit ay interest oan occasion an’ Faye th’ Radge simply refuses tae acknowledge th’ tv at aw. However, since abit a week ago Jit has started tae become quite engrossed wi’ th’ tv oan occasion. We aw ken Dogs ur Betty Bonkers but thes is a new a body fur me […]

Jet The Wonder Dog’s First TV Show

No, she isn’t on TV but she watched her first show. The other night after working online and then getting my brain totally frazzled by Twitter I decided to chill out and watch some rather aimless TV. Before I tell my oh so wonderful story – an aside. I joined Twitter a while ago and have kind of ignored it for the most part. I decided it was time to go back and investigate. Seeing peoples “tweets” just frazzled my little brain. What IS it all about? Is it useful or just for fun. Does it help your networking […]