Mah Puppy Is Turnin’ Intae A Scottish Dug

Ah wrote previoosly abit th’ first tv shaw ‘at Jit watched haur.

Since ‘en she hasnae pure taken much notice ay th’ tv. She watches snippets ay th’ odd program, especially if it is a wildlife shaw wi’ Elephants ur Tigers involved.

Daisy, ‘er maw, pays a wee bit ay interest oan occasion an’ Faye th’ Radge simply refuses tae acknowledge th’ tv at aw. However, since abit a week ago Jit has started tae become quite engrossed wi’ th’ tv oan occasion.

We aw ken Dogs ur Betty Bonkers but thes is a new a body fur me e’en by Bapit Doggie standards. We gie uk tele via satellite an’ thaur is a presenter fa is oan quite a lot at th’ moment. Neil Oliver presents a History ay Scootlund an’ Coest.

He has a strang Scottish accent an’ fur some unknoon reason Jit cannae gie enaw ay it! I cannae figure  it but whenever he is oan Jit sits thaur, quite intent, cockin’ ‘er heed frae side tae side loch she is followin’ whit is bein’ said.

She is most intent abit listenin’ tae heem gab. It’s nae loch she is jist watchin’ th’ tv loch she normally woods, it’s th’ voice. I dornt ken whit it is abit a Scottish accent but fur Jit it seems tae be e’en better than Togers ur bairn Elephants.

Lit me ken aam nae th’ only a body wi’ bonkers animals.

Whit ur yer dogs favoorite tv shows?

Dae they hae a favoorite presenter? Ur am Ah aloyn in aw ay thes?

May th’ doggie force be wi’ ye aw.

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  1. Kim says:

    Oh man, as a Scot this is very amusing.

    Floyd doesny recognize or turn heed tae any programs. He did dae it tha wan time but it wiz only the dug whisperer. He jist looked glakit at it fur a second, he’s no tha smartest eh dugs

    Kim’s last blog post..m3kx: @threedogblogger sounds interesting!

  2. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Kim, glad you liked it.

    Floyd may just know all he needs to and has no need for the Dog Whisperers advice!

    Well, you never know!

  3. LOL I don’t understand half of that!!!

    Taris Janitens’s last blog post..Blog Referral Contest Winners!

  4. the three dog blogger says:

    Taris, maybe do a google for what you don’t understand.

    I’m sure you can get most of it though. Definitey a few odd words though are’nt there?

  5. Riayn says:

    Caleb, my German Shepherd mix, is addicted to TV and loves the Animal Planet channel. His favourite TV programs are Animal Precinct, The Dog Whisperer and Inspector Rex. Any shows that feature dogs grab his attention.

    Riayn’s last blog post..Fitness Posts Be Gone!

  6. the three dog blogger says:

    Riayn, sounds like Rex is an addict!

    Hope he has learnt lots from Cesar!

  7. jan says:

    We love to watch football with our humans. it is the only time they sit still for very long and on the commercials stuff is always blowing up. Cool

    Misty the alpha Poodle

    jan’s last blog post..Laddie Boy, celebrity dog of President Harding

  8. Friar says:

    I probably mentionned this in an older post, but the Duck Toller gets excited and starts kissing me if I talk to her in a fake Japanese accent.

    But she can’t be bothered to watch any shows. Though she DOES get agitated when a doorbell on TV rings. She thinks it’s real.

    I was watching an episode of “The Dog Whisperer”, and Cesar was practicing ringing the doorbell and coming into the house to great the dog. Over and over. Nothing like starting a barking fit at midnight!

    Friar’s last blog post..Another Canadian Moment

  9. the three dog blogger says:

    Hi Misty, not sure what you mean about the commercials. Something to do with American Football I guess. We don’t get anything as exciting here, unfortunately.

  10. the three dog blogger says:

    Friar, Japanese eh? You gotta love these crazy Dogs!

    Weird you should mention Doorbells. Jet heard one on the TV yesterday and started barking like crazy. Bit odd as we have never had a doorbell and she has no idea what it signifies!

  11. That is just too cute. My dog does not pay attention to TV. I really laughed about the doorbell one.

  12. the three dog blogger says:

    Potty Training Pupies, they just seem to get more bonkers by the day!

  13. Persian Cat says:

    My dog also doesnt pay attention to Tv, but my cat is real fan of it:) He usualy sits next to me and watches. It doesnt matter what programme is.But he prefers gymnastics contests. All that girls:)! My cat comes closer to TV and try to scratch it:)

  14. the three dog blogger says:

    Persian Cat, a gymnastics loving Cat.

    I like it:)