Betty Bonkers From Bonkersville

It’s official, I have now changed Daisy, Faye and Jets’ names to Betty Bonkers From Bonkersville 1, 2 and 3 respectively. We all know Dogs are, too put it bluntly, loons, but I really do wonder about them at times. I told you about their latest obsession the other week, well, the birds seem to have disappeared for a while so I guess they needed a new thing. This one is really odd though. It’s like some kind of perverse Doggie Love-in that I find odd to the core. It started with Jet the wonder Dog, who is still […]

The Dogs Are Obsessed (again), Look Out Cabbages!

This last week or so the Dogs have found themselves a new obsession. It seems as soon as one of them starts some new, daft thing, they all have to get in on the action. If one of them decides it would be fun to stand right behind you in the Kitchen whenever you are there, then you can guarantee that in a few hours you will have three pesky pooches making your life a misery for a few days! This weeks latest obsession was started by Daisy. She is the hunter of the pack and loves nothing better […]