There Will Be Peace on The Mountainside…..finally

This morning I went to check on the  chicken situation and it seems that finally mother nature with a bit of help from the vast swarms of vultures that come to feed have finally depleted the chicken pile. Looking After Dogs Just Got A Lot Easier This is fantastic news as me and the three girls can finally get back to the life we know and love. After weeks I can finally just open the door and let them out to run around, and boy did they. The weeks of only having two walks a day but no extra […]

My Dogs Are Taking Advantage

We all drove home late yesterday with 50 litres of freshly pressed Olive Olive Oil in the boot. Not bad from 300 KG of Olives. Anyway it was dark and cold when we got home so I stumbled around outside loading up on wood in a big wicker basket to take inside. Holding a torch and a big pile of wood is not the easiest and needless to say I dropped a big log of super hard Almond wood on my big toe. I let the log know how I felt and hobbled inside and made sure it got […]

Dog Behaving Badly? Give It A Smack!

Just joking. Although for many of us it is tempting at times when it is one of those days when you just seem to be shouting at the dogs and the fun of pet ownership has all but disappeared. When a dog behaves badly i have found over the years that there is one main thing I can do to calm things down. Exercise! Whenever we have not had chance to give our dogs plent of exercise for whatever reasons the doggie naughtiness gene seems to kick in pretty rapidly! This seems especially true if the dogs are normally […]