31 Dog Duties To Dutifully Do For 31 Days

I am setting all that read this a challenge. Perform all the following Dog Duties every day for 31 Days. It doesn’t matter when you read this just do them all every day for 31 straight days. It may be tough or maybe not, but if you can stick with it I guarantee you will have a happier and better behaved Dog. You will also have a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It’s a month out of a lifetime so no excuses, get to it. Smile. Owning a Dog is a privilege and never forget that. Give your Dog a […]

Do You Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones? Dogs Love Raw Meat

Before we had our present dogs we had a fantastic male dog. We always fed him only dried food and he was always great company. He was energetic and full of life until very old age when he finally slowed down. We did however always have a few recurring problems with him. He quite often had very bad breath He had lots of teeth extracted at much expense At least twice a year he had to have his anal glands emptied by the Vet Not very nice i know but this is how it was. We were given some […]