31 Dog Duties To Dutifully Do For 31 Days

I am setting all that read this a challenge. Perform all the following Dog Duties every day for 31 Days. It doesn’t matter when you read this just do them all every day for 31 straight days. It may be tough or maybe not, but if you can stick with it I guarantee you will have a happier and better behaved Dog. You will also have a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It’s a month out of a lifetime so no excuses, get to it. Smile. Owning a Dog is a privilege and never forget that. Give your Dog a […]

Don’t Harm Your Dog With Food – Stop Your Dog From Begging

This post was inspired by an animated clip that Jan posted on her blog The Poodle and Dog Blog, it’s a great blog to visit for all you animal lovers. Be sure to check out the very funny but also important message her post contains here. This morning Mrs. Three Dog Blogger was continuing the Christmas tradition of cooking loads of great food and was experimenting with potato based pancakes called Blini, served with scrambled eggs and smoked Salmon (It was delicious by the way). The Dogs who normally never beg for food were overcome by the smell of […]