Potty Pooches In Peculiar Places

Lets lighten the mood a little.

After making myself sad yesterday I think a bit of fun is called for.

As I am sure you all know Dogs are Bonkers! It never ceases to amaze me just how mad they are at times. If they are not obsessing about finding Birds in Cabbage patches they are acting like Stealth Ninjas as they try to become invisible and sneak on to the Bed.

They do end up in some very peculiar places. Here are just a few of the daftest places they have ended up.

Have a read and then lets hear the most peculiar places your pooch has placed itself.

Under the Cement mixer. When we were doing lots of Concrete laying here Faye liked nothing better than to sit underneath the Mixer as it was running. It seemed like she wanted to see both how difficult she could make it for us and how much mix she could get on her head.

Amongst the flower pots. Faye again. When she was a Puppy she used to try and hide amongst the Flowers if she got scared.

Underneath the Car. Not a good place to go to sleep for obvious reasons.

Anywhere that is too small for them. If there is a tiny, awkward, too small a space then that is where they all want to be.

In the laundry basket. Daisy liked the small basket we (um, well, not me) use to carry the laundry in. It is wicker and round and too small, so, of course it is a perfect Doggie bed.

Under a Log pile. When Jet was younger, even though she was allowed to sleep indoors on a Dog Bed she would rather sleep outside under a pile of old wooden beams. She had to crawl on her belly to get under there, so, of course, it was perfect!

Underneath a Saw. As I am sawing of course. All three are enthralled by the act of sawing and like nothing better than to stand underneath a Log as I am sawing it to see who can get the closest to having their Snout chopped off. If I am using a Chainsaw so much the better. Yes, I do make them move. It terrifies me enough just using it, I don’t let them near it even though they do try. Restraint is now called for whenever the Chainsaw comes out.

Up a tree. Yes Faye again. She is obsessed by Almonds. We have about seventy trees and the land all around has loads of them. She will walk up an angled trunk as far she can and jump up to snatch a Nut from the tree.

On the floor. No, not just on the floor but when we tackle the daily chore of sweeping up the Dog hairs that seem to multiply at an ever increasing rate, you can guarantee that a Dog or two decides that the only possible place to lie down is on top of the sweeping and Dog fur. It then means you have to go through the whole process again.

On the most fantastic piece of plastic in the world. Never mind that they have acres of lovely Grass to lie on. I just moved some plastic off the Carrot seedlings today and immediately it is now the best place in the world EVER.

On a new plant that has just been planted, on an old plant that has just recovered from being sat on, on any plant anywhere, anytime, wherever it is. It must not be allowed to grow.

On a Cat. Jet and Faye will try their hardest to use Naruto as a pillow. He is very good with them and at times one of them has actually succeeded in having a Cat Pillow.

On the Strawberry patch. Again, they must not be allowed to grow. It is the plant law that all three Dogs seem to have been born with.

Half on and half off anything. Just as long as it means they will keep nearly falling of it and therefore have to keep waking up and move a little bit so they can go back to sleep for a minute and then go through the whole thing again.

In the boiling hot Spanish Sun. If it is boiling hot and they will get totally overheated then this is the best place to be. When the Sun is at its highest and the most likely to overheat them in the shortest possible time is always preferable.

So tell everyone what your Potty Pooch gets up to.

Where is the most peculiar place you have found your Pooch. Make mine seem sane. PLEASE!

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. Dozer says:

    Well I okashunally like to crawl under the little work trailer in the backyard. It is not much space at all under there espeshully fer a big dawg like me but it is shady and quiet! And Mummy yells at me hey Dozer get out frum under there you are getting greese all down yer back and oh no yer white fur is all black now!

    Dozer’s last blog post..Uh Oh This Cant Be Good

  2. megscole64 says:

    Oh my gosh…too funny.

    Our Trooper Bear used to like to sleep under the couch…when he was 2 months old. It didn’t take him long to outgrow it and he’d keep trying … getting just his head under. And he liked to sleep on the fireplace bricks when he was a puppy…with his head hanging off the side.


    Or when he fell asleep in his water dish before I woke him up with the camera. 🙂


    His favorite position is upside down next to the front door.


    He is a goofy boy.

  3. KianaB says:

    On me! King sized bed, plenty of room for the dog to sleep and stretch out, but she somehow always ends up directly on me so that I can’t move all night.

  4. the three dog blogger says:

    Dozer, as with all Dogs, the dirtier the better! Sounds like a great place to have a little Siesta.

    Megscole64, Trooper is an absolutely fantastic looking Dog. Love the photos. He does sleep in some funny places. Love the one with his head hanging over the side.

    KianaB, I hear that. Try it with three!!!!

  5. Dag says:

    Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post