Dog Car Safety Harness or Seat Belt (keep you and your dog safe)

Here in Spain it is the law that all Dogs in cars must either be in the boot with a grill stopping them being able to get in to the back seat or if they are in the back seat they must have a safety harness or dog car seat belt. They take Dog Car Safety very seriously.

This is a fantastic idea, especially if you have a slightly rowdy or very nervous dog. It stops the dogs getting in to the front of the car and causing untold problems whilst driving but also stops them inflicting great damage on you or them in the case of an accident.

A Dog Harness for car safety is worth the minimal invest it costs. Their are a variety of different styles  from a  simple attachment that clips on to the collar and then in to the seatbelt clip to a complete harness that will really make sure they are staying put.

This means in the event of a crash your dog (large or small) will be the safest it can be and will stop it from flying in to the front if you have to break suddenly. Dog car seat belts are also fantastic if you have a nervy dog that always wants to get in the front which can be enormously distracting and extremely dangerous.

So whether or not it is the law in your country, have a browse through the Dog Car Safety products and pick the one most suitable for your dogs size and temperament. This really is something you should not be without when you have dogs in cars.

May the Doggie Force be with you all,

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