Vimtag Pet Surveillance Camera Review

What do our pets get up to when we lock the front door and go out, even if just for a few minutes? Do they crank up the volume on the radio in the kitchen, where they have their beds, and enjoy some hard rock, or do they prefer a little talk radio? Do the little dears stare, aghast, as a horde of gremlins climb through the partially open window and raid the fridge then leave tiny pieces of cheese all over the dog’s beds so they get the blame? If we could see what they do when left […]

Someone Shot My Cat In The Face

Naruto, our extremely EVIL CAT came home last night after he had been away for two days. Nothing unusual in that, he is often away for days at a time. He came home in a state even worse than usual after one of his regular jaunts. He had a cut on his ear (his good one, the other has been slightly ripped off a few years ago), puncture wounds on his face, and a very bloody nose. All of this is actually quite normal for Naruto the EVIL CAT. Ever since he appeared outside our door 4 or so […]

Strange Dog Behaviour

Last night the three girls of Dog Blog fame were outside happily munching on some raw meaty bones, to keep them quiet and keep their teeth sparklingly white. After a few hours all hell broke lose. I can only assume some Dog must have been roaming the mountainside and thought it might be a good idea to chance a paw by a few stealth tactics. Suffice to say no one lost a bone! Anyway, when it calmed down and we let the Dogs in the house Faye was panting like a thing possessed. Now, this would be normal if […]

Bovine Colostrum Capsules For Dogs

Regular readers will know that I am fairly involved in running a few websites that deal with pet meds. Today, while doing some research I came across something I had never heard of before, and that was Colostrum. Now, if you know all about it then please do not scoff, I am a man and really do not know very much about lactation, especially when it comes to lactating Cows! Anyway, I looked up Colostrum on Wikipedia and I must say I was quite interested in what I read. I then read a very interesting article on a holistic […]

Dogs Depression

It’s not just the Dogs that are depressed although Daisy, the Girl in the photo top right is certainly very fed up. Her puppy Jet (although now 1.5 years old) is definitely a Dog with depression. She is feeling a little (to say the least) like the Dog at the bottom of the pack. Me and Mrs. Three Dog Blogger are also feeling the strain a little. And why? We are a 5 Dog household until January 7th. I really do not know how people cope with permanently having this number of Dogs. It seems insane. The floor is […]

Exercise With Your Dog for Weight Loss and Health – Share The Love

Here at the Dog Blog I am pleased to have a great guest post by Matt Papa. Take some time to read it, you will find it extremely interesting reading and very well written indeed. One of the finest characteristics of human nature is our ability to form bonds of attachment and empathy with other species. The instinct to care for and protect the “lesser” creatures is not that distant from the instinct to protect our own children, after all. And millions of pet owners can attest to the enormous emotional return they receive from their animal friends, whether […]

Zhu Zhu Pets Craziness- The Dogs Won’t Be Getting Any

A while ago I pondered whether or not the Zhu Zhu Pets would be fun to use to help to try to train the Dogs to leave small animals alone. Well, over the last few weeks the price of them has skyrocketed. I cam across this video today which explains why the Zhu Zhu pets have become a little more expensive (a lot more) than they once were. Take a look. Crazy! I guess this is why they are so expensive to buy. I think I would rather pay more from the comfort of my own home than have […]