Bugger, I’m The Five Dog Blogger!

Bugger indeed, dear readers. We now have five Dogs in the House, but thankfully only until Sunday. I am glad it is only short term as it is a bit of a madhouse at present. Why the extra Doggies? Well, after Daisy had her five puppies, friends of ours said that they would love to have two of the little bone munchers, for which we are eternally grateful! (We also found homes for two more). We offered that if they ever needed us to look after them it would not be a problem. A few days is nothing compared […]

When to Get Your Dog Sterilised/Spayed

Note: Please see my female Dog Spaying post for lots of information on post spaying care. We did a lot of reading up on when we should get our dogs spayed. Female Dog Spaying, and when, is a very divided field. There is a lot of information available but most of it is quite conflicting. Basically there are two main camps. You should get your dog spayed as soon as possible You should let your dog have its first season before being spayed We decided that we were slightly swayed by the latter but looking back for us and […]