End Of Year Best Doggie Related Sellers

This New Year’s Eve I have been  browing through Amazon and I came across quite a few interesting discoveries. For a start there are some quite surprising Bestsellers in the Dog related sections. What is worrying though is that in the general Pets section sales for Cat related products are a lot higher than those for Dogs. Can’t be right, surely? Anyway, I thought it would be fun to compile some top tens to see what everyone thinks and what their opinions are. It is also fun to see what the world has bought for their Dogs this year. […]

THE Dog Book

I am sure those of us with dogs have a plethora of different books related to dogs in general or maybe the specific breed we live with but………. What Is THE Dog Book You Would Always Recommend? If you had to recommend one dog related book what would it be. Would it be technical, an aspect of dog care or would it be a dog related story? Books for dogs come in all manner of types and the best dog books often hit the bestsellers but if you had to choose one what would it be? For me there […]