A Howling We Will Go

This Sunday morning has been anything but peaceful. Here in Southern Catalonia the hunting season is in full swing. This means that every Thursday and Sunday the hills are alive with the sounds of men shouting, whistles blowing and random dogs popping up all over the place. Today it seems everyone had decided that the best hunting was in the mountains just above where we live. So from six thirty this morning there has been and endless swarm of vehicles pulling caged trailers packed tightly with hunting dogs. I won’t go in to the rights and wrongs of how […]

Midnight Reflections

After starting to, and failing to finish watching a John Travelodge (that’s right isn’t it?) film about fighting fires and being macho I decided my time would be better spent having a peaceful read in bed with a substantial glasss of wine and just chill out. Ahhh… Moments like this. Relaxing and  being comfortable and warm. The big girls were downstairs and Jet the puppy was snuggled on the bed. Well, for a few minutes, until she  remembered that there was still a “looky likey” in the mirror in the dressing room. My peace was somewhat shattered as this […]

There’s A Dog In The Oven……..

or………. Why My Puppy Has A Lot To Learn. or………..maybe my dogs stupid! Well it all started to kick off last night as Jet the wonder dog learnt something new. It seems she has never seen or noticed a reflection before but she has been making up for it non-stop ever since. Yes I have a headache. Jet is convinced there is a dog in the oven! She keeps running back to it and barking at her reflection like the loon that she is. I don’t know what she thinks a puppy that looks like her is doing in […]