27 Ways To A Better Behaved Dog And A Happier Life For You And Your Dog

If you have been reading this blog then you know I am no Dog Training Uber Master, but I think that overall we have fairly well rounded and definitely extremely happy dogs. Although they do still misbehave at times, for the most part they will do as they are told and are becoming quite well trained. We have owned Dogs previously for over sixteen years and have learnt a few things along the way. I have never trained our dogs to do tricks or agility just trained them to learn the basics and to be relatively well behaved. Dogs […]

Yay. A Peg! Or How To Stop Your Dog Chewing The Furniture For Five Minutes.

We, meaning me and the three dogs were in the dining room yesterday chilling and doing whatever we each felt like. I was watching TV and little puppy Jet and her Mum Daisy were asleep. Faye was sniffling about lying on the floor when suddenly up she jumped and was acting like she had just discovered the best way to have fun in the whole Universe. She was jumping about, wagging like mad, rearing on her back legs and generally being bonkers. I just sat watching to see what this most fantastic wasy of having fun was. She threw […]