No Dead Dogs Today

Well, my heart rate can finally return to normal. After a mad dash out and a dreaded drive back I am pleased to report there were to very abashed and tired Dogs sitting outside the front door. I am so relieved. This was one of those incidents where you can’t help but fear for the worst. I don’t know why they acted so out of character. Daisy has been with us for over a year and this kind of behaviour is so out of character. They were suitably told off in a stern voice but they already knew that […]

A Howling We Will Go

This Sunday morning has been anything but peaceful. Here in Southern Catalonia the hunting season is in full swing. This means that every Thursday and Sunday the hills are alive with the sounds of men shouting, whistles blowing and random dogs popping up all over the place. Today it seems everyone had decided that the best hunting was in the mountains just above where we live. So from six thirty this morning there has been and endless swarm of vehicles pulling caged trailers packed tightly with hunting dogs. I won’t go in to the rights and wrongs of how […]

Danger On The Catalan Mountainside (should I Stop Dogs Chasing)?

Thursday evening I got back home later than I wanted to. It was just about to get dark so I gathered the little monsters and decided a quick walk was in order before it was dark. We had only gone a hundred paces or so when I realised it was now acually very difficult to see. I could see the outline of the track though so we carried on with our walk through the Catalan countryside. I should have done what we always do if it is about to get dark and that is carry a torch. Not so […]