Shy Dog Training Continued

I have spoken before about how different our Dogs personalities are. Looking after Dogs is always a challenge, and Shy Dog Training needs a very careful approach. I was reminded of this earlier today when we arrived Home. Myself and Mrs. Three Dog Blogger had gone off to Town on a visit and decided we would take Jet with us so we could keep an eye on her as part of her Dog Spaying Recovery program. She is doing well but still a little too energetic to be left to run around at home for hours on end. We […]

Shy Dog Training

As you are all aware, I have three Dogs but the shy Dog training only applies to one of them. Their personalities could not be more different. Faye is always confident, full of life, bossy, loud, big and bolshy. Jet, the puppy of Daisy, takes quite a bit after her Mum.  She is still young and fairly shy but is much more timid than Faye.  Jet has many of the characteristics of Daisy.  Much more eager to please (if she feels confident enough) and no where near as naughty! Daisy, our shy Dog, came from the pound almost a […]