Five Training Tips For First-Time Dog Owners

Here at the Dog Blog today we have some nice tips from Dan. Enjoy this guest post folks! The decision to welcome a dog into your family is a long-term commitment that can be both highly rewarding and demanding. First-time dog owners should follow these basic five tips to help train their new pet and lay the foundation for a long, happy relationship with their four-legged friend. 1) Be Consistent Before you even bring your new pooch home, think about what kinds of rules you will have for your dog. If you have a spouse, kids or housemates, include […]

Dog Training Online – Some FREE Resources

After the Dog Training Online post from yesterday I was pleased to see that it is already beginning to get some visitors from people searching for online Dog training and associated terms such as: Dog Obedience School Dog Training School And even “become a Dog trainer”. It is good to know that the so called professional Internet Marketers who pick topics to write about can be beaten by a site that has been around for a while now. It got me to thinking just how many Dog sites could get on to the first few pages for Dog training […]