My Dogs Are Taking Advantage

We all drove home late yesterday with 50 litres of freshly pressed Olive Olive Oil in the boot. Not bad from 300 KG of Olives. Anyway it was dark and cold when we got home so I stumbled around outside loading up on wood in a big wicker basket to take inside. Holding a torch and a big pile of wood is not the easiest and needless to say I dropped a big log of super hard Almond wood on my big toe. I let the log know how I felt and hobbled inside and made sure it got […]

There’s A Dog In The Oven……..

or………. Why My Puppy Has A Lot To Learn. or………..maybe my dogs stupid! Well it all started to kick off last night as Jet the wonder dog learnt something new. It seems she has never seen or noticed a reflection before but she has been making up for it non-stop ever since. Yes I have a headache. Jet is convinced there is a dog in the oven! She keeps running back to it and barking at her reflection like the loon that she is. I don’t know what she thinks a puppy that looks like her is doing in […]