Dogs Eating Chicken Bones. Facts and Fables

Although I have written about Dangerous Food For Dogs and I wrote a post dedicated to the benefits of Raw Chicken for Dogs I still seem to be getting quite a few questions about Chicken Bones and whether or not Dogs eating Chicken Bones is dangerous. If your Dog ate Chicken Bones and you are worried then consult a Vet, but here I will finally put the issue of Dogs and Chicken Bones to rest. Can Dogs Eat Chicken Bones? Are Chicken Bones Dangerous For Dogs? The answer is yes and no! Don’t worry, I will explain what they […]

Dangerous Food For Dogs. Things I never Knew.

I have been getting a lot of website traffic to a post I wrote about my Dogs eating almonds . After wondering why, I did some research and it turns out that Almonds may be a real hazard to dogs. Not all, but some. See my new Dangerous Food For Dogs post for a very comprehensive list of dangerous foods and an explanation of why they can be dangerous. It is much more detailed with lots of much more intenseley researched information. You can also download 245 Homemade Dog Food Recipes and really know what is in your Dogs […]

Does Your Dog Eat Raw Chickens?

We often feed our dogs raw bones or chicken wings and if we were richer they would get a lot more raw meat and bones. Unfortunately that is not really the topic of this post but i will be writing about the pros cons of raw meat for your dogs next. If you have read my about page then you know we live in the countryside in Spain and are quite remote. Each parcel of land is known as a Finca. There are small to large plots and normally they have a small building on them. Now there are […]