Online Dog Training Tips

With the wealth of online Dog training tips available to new Dog owners there is still a real lack of basic but good training tips to be found. Too much information that can be found fails to give the most basic of Dog training tips that all owners, especially new ones,  need to master. I am sorry to say that nearly all online Dog training sites are little more than a collection of articles taken from someone else or a list of books to purchase. There are a few basic tips that will make any Dog training a lot […]

An Interview with Dennis The Vizsla

Recently I was lucky enough to get to ask a few questions to a blogger many of you may have heard of. Dennis The Vizsla is part of a growing number of Dogs that Blog. His is quite a fascinating life, with never a dull moment. Be sure to visit Dennis The Vizsla once you have read this fascinating glimpse in to a quite extraordinary Dogs life. Hi Dennis, firstly what is a Vizsla? hello there!!!! wel lets see i am a vizsla and so is my stepbrother tucker and so is my sister pumpkin and so is my […]