No Dead Dogs Today

Well, my heart rate can finally return to normal. After a mad dash out and a dreaded drive back I am pleased to report there were to very abashed and tired Dogs sitting outside the front door. I am so relieved. This was one of those incidents where you can’t help but fear for the worst. I don’t know why they acted so out of character. Daisy has been with us for over a year and this kind of behaviour is so out of character. They were suitably told off in a stern voice but they already knew that […]

I’m Going To Smack My Dogs

As I sit here typing this I am probably the maddest I have been with the Dogs yet at the same time the most worried. All three Dogs were walked this morning and I then took them on a little extra walk at nine thirty. It is now approaching two thirty. Daisy and her puppy Jet are yet to come home! They ran off in to the woods as they are all prone to do, but they all always come back when called. Not this time. I am seriously considering taking up one of the pets for sale classifieds […]