Dangerous Food For Dogs – Your Questions Answered

Although I previously wrote about dangerous food for Dogs many people have asked for a much more in depth article.  It seems, like me, you wish to know exactly why certain foods are dangerous for Dogs and the consequences that may result if your Dog eats them. In this article I will cover the topic as comprehensively as possible.  We will find exactly what to not feed your Dog. Firstly we will go through the main foodstuffs that are, or may be, dangerous for Dogs to eat. We will then go through each one in turn and find out […]

Dangerous Food For Dogs. Things I never Knew.

I have been getting a lot of website traffic to a post I wrote about my Dogs eating almonds . After wondering why, I did some research and it turns out that Almonds may be a real hazard to dogs. Not all, but some. See my new Dangerous Food For Dogs post for a very comprehensive list of dangerous foods and an explanation of why they can be dangerous. It is much more detailed with lots of much more intenseley researched information. You can also download 245 Homemade Dog Food Recipes and really know what is in your Dogs […]

Dogs Love To Eat Almond Nuts. Or Is It Just Mine?

Update. After some research I have done because of lots of people finding this page after a google search with the question “can dogs eat Almonds” it seems that Almonds may be harmful to Dogs. I am not going to risk it in the future and I would advise you to be on the safe side as well. Give them a lovely Dog Treat alternative instead. It is always better to be safe than sorry in my opinion. We own a lot of Olive trees and also about seventy Almond trees. This year was a very bad Almond harvest […]