Is Feeding Your Dog Meat Good or Bad?

Many of you will be aware that I am a big proponent of feeding Dogs raw meaty bones. Today we have a guest post from Ben on the subject of feeding Dogs meat and bones. I am not saying I agree with all he says, but it will be interesting to hear what you think about this subject. Many people and wonderful dog owners question everyday whether it is okay to feed your dog meat or not. So we are going to address this little issue head on and let you know what is good, what is bad and […]

Puppy Tweets Dog Tag

I must admit, I used to be on Twitter quite a lot but simply never find the time now. But for those of you who are still avid Twitter users, don’t you want to know how the little pooch is doing all day? Well, welcome to the Puppy Tweets Twitter Tag! That’s right, simply put the new Mattel Puppy Tweets Dog collar on and you can get Tweets throughout the day from your stay at home Dog while you are out. If you want cool messages from the Dog that are based around what it is doing then this […]

What to look for in a Puppy Class

Here at the Dog Blog today we have a guest post to help when choosing a Puppy Class. Full of useful information it should be a great help for anyone looking to pick the best Puppy class. The most important thing to consider when selecting a puppy obedience class is not cost or location….it is the instructor. A bad instructor can ruin the class and possibly your puppy. A good instructor can open a whole new world of communication between you and your puppy and set you on a fun and exciting path of dog training. The instructor needs […]

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need

Faye was a little naughty this morning. As a trip was being planned for the day by Mrs. Three Dog Blogger I had the task of catching the escapee and putting her back near the house. She wanted to tag along on any outing and really did not want to be left behind. This reminded me of just how much exercise Dogs need to control bad behavior. I am not saying that Faye would then be a good girl all the time but it would certainly go some way to stopping her from misbehaving as much as she is […]

The Benefits of a Microfiber Dog Towel

Today we have a guest post from Reed. To be honest I never knew microfiber Dog towels existed, but they do sound interesting. Read on to see why they may be useful and for information on what exactly they are: If you’re searching for a microfiber dog towel chances are you’re either looking to buy microfiber dog towels or you’re looking for a little bit more information about them to see if they’re right for you and your pooch. If you fall in to the second category, invariably the first question on your mind must be: “Why would anyone […]

Generic Advantix

Being quite involved in the world of pets meds this is just a note to let anyone that is interested know that Generic Advantix is now available and for a very low price. It is a perfect replacement for Frontline and is currently over half the price. The generic K9 Advantix works just as well as the branded form but is available for about half the price. We even ordered it ourselves as we have found it is more suitable for the Dogs here in Spain. Here is the link to buy: UPDATE: I was sad to find out […]

How To Stop Dogs Running Away: Cheap Dog Backpacks!

Jet, our youngest Dog is just about two now, and her Mum, Daisy has been a very bad influence on her since she was old enough to scamper about the place. Daisy, who has undergone extensive shy Dog Training has never been shy about one thing, if she has her little side-kick with her she will run away and take Jet with her. I don’t mean for half an hour, I mean for a day, and her record is for about 36 hours during the worst snow storm I have seen for 30 years. This was one very unhappy […]