Dog Scooters. Dog Powered Scooter Fun

I came across this the other day and it looks like a lot of fun. Dog Scooters.

We have all heard of Huskies pulling sleds in the snow but how about doing something similar on country lanes or even down the local cycle lane?

Dog Powered Scooter

Dog Scooters For Great Exercise

Looking in to the world of Dog Scooters I am amazed I have not heard more about it. I guess that’s where living up a mountain in the middle of nowhere gets you!

dog scooterIn the UK we often used to cycle for about eight miles with our Dog running beside us along the edge of beautiful canals. He used to love the fast speeds and would happily run all day. He was never held on the lead however he used to just run along beside us. Getting up a decent speed is great fun for the Dogs. They love to have a reason to run fast continually. Going for a bike ride or a  Dog Scooter ride is a perfect way to give them some heavy duty exercise.

For many who would like to go cycling with their Dog this is the one drawback. If they are tethered to the bike there is always the danger of falling off if they stop suddenly. You can, however, train your Dog to be very well behaved if tethered to your Bike whilst you are riding. It just takes time and practice.  We did it with Sam quite easily so we could slowly cycle along cycle lanes in the Town.

Dog Scooters seem like a better alternative however.

Dog Scooter Advantages

Why A Dog Powered Scooter Is Better Than A Bicycle

There is a real variety of Dog powered Scooters out there. I have been searching around online and am amazed at the selection. You can get anything from a little stand on Scooter to full blown Buggies that you sit in. You can buy a variety of Dog Harnesses that attach to the Dog and then to the Scooter. These also come in a massive variety and range.

dog powered scooter

The Dog Scooters have front and rear brakes and are pretty tough, just like Mountain Bikes. They are designed to be used both on rough terrain and flat terrain like the pavement.

Dog Scooter Advantages

Dog Powered Scooters are safer. Your feet are right next to the ground so you can easily put your feet down.

Dog Scooters provide more of a workout for your Dog. You can get your Dog to pull the Scooter for a very intense run or you can do most of the Scooting. You have the option. Not something so easily done with a bicycle.

Dog Scooters are more basic. They are a lot cheaper to repair if they get damaged. Less moving parts, no chains etc to come off.

Scooters are cheaper than bicycles. You can buy a basic  Scooter fairly cheaply. Perfect for being pulled around the neighbour hood, or on nice country lanes.

So many options. As well as tethering the Dog in front and pulling the Scooter you can buy Dog Scooters where the Dog is tethered to the side of the Scooter. This would mean no chance of it getting in the way of the wheels. There are literally hundreds of options. Diggler Dog Scooters seem to be one of the most well respected brands.

A Great Way To Bond. Doing something like this is a great way to bond with the Dog. You will be doing a different activity that will take a little training. A perfect way to train your Dog some new skills and have an activity that you will both love.

Can Any Dog Scooter?

A video showing how to use a Dog Powered Scooter

OK, you have a little twelve pound Dog? You can still Dog Scoot. The beauty is that if you have a little Dog and it can’t pull you and the Dog Scooter along you just give a little help. You just push along on the Scooter with your feet. You do this just enough to keep the line taught. Your little Dog will still be running with all its heart having a great time.

Large Dogs can pull the Dog Scooter along happily, giving them a very good workout and a Job to do. Larger Dogs will be better at handling rough terrain but you can Scoot with almost any size of Dog.

It definitely looks like a good idea and I think would be much safer than trying to do something similar with a bicycle. If your Dog stops for a pee at least you won’t fall of which is a very strong possibility on a bicycle.

What do you think? Is it a good idea?

Have you ever gone out on a Dog Scooter? Have you gone cycling with your Dog?

Let’s hear your thoughts and experiences.

May the Doggie Force be with you all.

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  1. dcp511 says:

    To the point and an excellent article.

  2. hello three dog blogger its dennis the vizsla dog hay ar those vizsla dogs pulling that lady on her weird bike contrapshun thing??? i wood like to have a job like that do they git paid by the mile or by the foot or wot??? oh the things i cud buy with the ekstra munny!!!! ok bye

    Dennis the Vizsla’s last blog post..inkontrovertabul pruf!!!!

  3. Three Dog Blogger says:

    dcp511, thanks.

    Dennis, they could well be. You should know better than me though! I think they get paid by the hour, so you would have to be a very fit Dog indeed to earn any decent extra cash!

  4. Dozer says:

    Well Mummy taked me cycling a few times and I wuz scared. I tried to eat the cycle wheels cause it wuz pretty obvious they wuz trying to kill me. We did not get very far. The scooter looks like mebbe the wheels will not be able to reach me tho so it mite be less scary.

    Course that doesnt solve the problem of me not wanting to leave my house in the firstest place. But mebbe a scooter is good fer dawgs what like to go places!

    Dozer’s last blog post..Im Back

  5. Ross says:

    LOL! My little guy would probably try to bite the wheels. The should make them small enough for children that way the little dogs could do some pullin’.

    Ross’s last blog post..our hooman finally cracked…

  6. Lindsay says:

    Ace loves to run along side of my bike, and I love taking him. It’s so much easier for me to bike with him rather than run. It does take some time to train a dog to be comfortable around a bike though. I started by walking with the bike on one side and him on my other side. Then I rode the bike really slowly and built from there. He also wears a head collar while I bike and I hold his leash. He knows he has to heel just like on a walk. That way he doesn’t pull me, and I could let go of the leash in an emergency.

    I hope it warms up this month so we can bike! I have nothing against the scooter, but the bike gives the human more exercise.

    Lindsay’s last blog post..Donate to a dog shelter

  7. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Dozer, you sound like Faye. She thinks anything with wheels is a giant Dog Toy that wants to be puncured. She loves wheelbarrows. Especially when you are trying not to spill Wet Cement all over her.

    Ross, I think they actually do! It would be funny to see a few miniature DOgs pulling the children along. Fun, but maybe a tad dangerous?

  8. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Lindsay, that is great advice for anyone wanting to take their Dog out biking.

    They do get used to the wheels in time. Like much else it is a matter of training. Not sure how long it would take Faye though;)

  9. Char says:

    With my two huskies those brakes better be REALLY good. This is kind of neat idea and a great way to help them get some exercise. As you probably know, huskies love to run. They’ll do it for hours at a time if you let them.

  10. Wow thats kinda cool!! No way it would work for me tho – my dog weighs 20 lbs, and I’m 200 lol!!

    Taris Janitens’s last blog – 200 Members! – GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS!

  11. Three Dog Blogger says:

    Char,I think it would be ideal for Huskies. I bet they would love the excitement and the Job it would give them.

    Taris, that is a big weight for a little pooch to pull:)

  12. Persian Cat says:

    Thanks, great post!))) And what about cats? May be there is some kind of construction that help to ride my younger daughter? :)))))

  13. Tuinmeubelen says:

    i thought of buying the one when i saw this over in the market but thought that my dog is too heavy and so can’t take them..but i think these can load my huskies on them..

    Thanks for the info!

  14. Dennis says:

    I have seen this on TV before, what a great idea. my son has a rasor scooter and gets his dog to pull him along that way.

    Dennis’s last blog post..A McDonalds Drive To Byron Bay

  15. Mack says:

    this is actually really dangerous if u use just a razor scooter. my daughter almost broke her leg and arm when doing this. my suggestion is make sure you have your helmets on when doing this