More Cheap Pedigree Puppies For Sale

Today we have two more cheap pedigree puppies for sale here at the Dog blog. After the success of selling Jet for 25 cents to Lindsay (she is on the way), I thought it only fair to put Daisy and Faye up for sale too. Now these two puppies are definitely not just over two years old. These two lovely little puppies are absolutely not just mad mongrels and a mixture of maybe Alsatian and who knows how many other mangy mutts that Spain seems to be full of. These two lovely little puppies are absolutely not totally odd […]

Biting Puppies: “How To Stop Puppy Biting”?

Seven Answers To The Question: “How To Stop A Puppy From Biting”? Our first experience of having a dog from a young puppy was when we got Faye in September of 2007. After a few days of her finding her feet and getting settled it became very obvious she was a very confident and boisterous little puppy. We were very quickly spending way to much time online trying to find out how to stop Puppy  biting. Learning how to stop Puppies biting can be done and surprisingly easily if you follow some of the tips I will give. Biting […]