The top 10 Dog Foods

Not anything to do with Dog training online today. I want to know what you think are the ten best Dog foods. I  will get to my top 10 Dog foods in a little while. First I want to talk a little about what we feed our Dogs, why we do it, and the buzz of late over ensuring that we give them a balanced diet. Anyone who reads this Dog blog on occasion (subscribe to get each new post via the easy ways to the right) knows that I am a firm advocate of raw meaty bones for […]

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul – Know It, Love It, Win It!

This is a slight interruption to the online Dog training series. I never allow people to promote their products normally here but I received such a nice email from Sean that in this instance I made an exception. There is a great prize up for offer so please enter if you can. A winner will be picked randomly from the comments section next Saturday 15th at midday (for me in Spain)  so feel free to leave a comment and hopefully win a prize. The following is a guest post from Sean representing Chicken Soup for the Pet lovers soul. […]

All Natural Dog Food – Homemade Dog Foods

The following is an interview my good friend Maggie graciously spent the time to answer. She and her partner feed their Dogs homemade Dog food. They feed what would be considered an “all natural Dog food diet”. In my post on homemade Dog foods I questioned many aspects of making food at home for the Dogs. I wondered just how much work it actually involves, how expensive it is, and just how time consuming is it to prepare yet another set of meals. Maggie has been preparing healthy Dog foods for their two Dogs (hey dudes), for quite some […]

Homemade Dog Foods. Natural Homemade Dog Food

I have talked quite a bit amount the fact I like to feed the Dogs Raw Meaty Bones on occasion, as well as the Dogs eating Chicken Bones. I like to keep the feeding of the Dogs quite simple, partly from a time point of view and partly an economic one. There have been so many recalls and reports about what is actually in the commercial foods that we buy (both for us and our Dogs), that I am wondering whether it may be worth rethinking the way we feed our Dogs. Homemade Dog Foods, just as Homemade Food […]