The Must Buy Dog Book

Look in to my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Your eyelids are feeling heavy. You are asleep. You are totally under my influence. You will click here and go to Amazon. You will buy the Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health book. You will start reading it as soon as it arrives. You will always give your Dog a bone a few times a week after you realise how important it is. You will now have a Dog with lovely fresh breath. You will now have a Dog who has perfectly clean teeth You will now have a Dog that […]

THE Dog Book

I am sure those of us with dogs have a plethora of different books related to dogs in general or maybe the specific breed we live with but………. What Is THE Dog Book You Would Always Recommend? If you had to recommend one dog related book what would it be. Would it be technical, an aspect of dog care or would it be a dog related story? Books for dogs come in all manner of types and the best dog books often hit the bestsellers but if you had to choose one what would it be? For me there […]